Djokovic explains his willingness to speak languages ​​and improve his level of French

Novak Djokovic He is one of the tennis players who insists the most on speaking different languages ​​and making an effort to adapt to the places he visits. He has a natural facility for languages ​​and invests time and effort into it. Questioned about this, given his insistence on speaking in French during the interviews at the foot of the track, the Serb offered an interesting reflection. “It’s a matter of respect to try to speak the language of the country you’re in, I feel that way. Also, it allows you to get closer to people, generating greater mutual respect and complicity. Since I was little, I was very attracted to speaking different languages. When I moved I went to Germany when I was young, at school I learned German and English, then it was easy for me to learn Italian and I have acquired a decent level of French and Spanish. I know I don’t speak them perfectly, but I make an effort and I feel that people recognize it” , admits.

2023-06-05 08:06:13
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