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Havana- Cuba will attend the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador with 511 athletes (239 women and 272 men) from 34 sports, according to Oscar Nuevo Reyes, technical-methodological director of High Performance at INDER.

With 57 athletes, Athletics will be the one with the largest representation, followed by the collective disciplines Hockey with 32 and Softball with 30. The least crowded will be Badminton and Trampoline Gymnastics with 2, while Chess and Beach Volleyball will have 4 in each case.

Nuevo Reyes commented that in recent days the organizers have suspended some tests that have affected the number of representatives of our country. “The women’s Water Polo was eliminated and there is another one for Rowing that is in that process. Of the 523 who earned the right to be, we went down to 511 for these reasons.

For this edition, only 126 athletes repeat, 24.7% of those who were in Barranquilla, Colombia in 2018. “459 tests are being called, 9 more compared to the previous edition, 215 for men, 210 for women and 34 are mixed.”

The Cuban delegation aspires to remain in the elite of sports in Central America and the Caribbean. “We have always remained at the forefront in the area, we began to dominate from Panama 1970, a place that we lost in Barranquilla in 2018. Now we are going with a representation that has prepared very well and we are in a position to meet the competitive purposes” .

The technical-methodological director of High Performance of the INDER, prefers not to give a forecast regarding the location by country in the medal table of the Games. “We are not talking about maintaining or recovering, we are talking about a decent performance in the environment of the medals that we can achieve. We hope to achieve more than 80 titles and we will see then what the final placement would be”.

Despite the casualties, combat sports have the mission of obtaining the largest number of gold medals for the “Greater Antilles”. One of those that carries an important weight is Boxing. “Here we will compete in the same divisions of the Olympic program, there are established figures that will not be there, but this does not mean that they cannot represent us in the Pan American Games, as explained by Technical Chief Rolando Acebal.”

As for the collective disciplines, Handball and Hockey, they aspire to take the crowns in both sexes. “We also had this intention in the Water Polo, but the competition for women was eliminated. For example, in Volleyball we must take the gold in the men’s, as well as in Softball”.

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