Courbis clarifies his statements and puts a layer on Zidane!

While the rumors around a sale of OM to Saudi Arabia are starting again, Rolland Courbis clarified his statements and mentioned the future of Zinedine Zidane!

In recent days, Rolland Courbis has relaunched the information around the sale of theOlympic Marseille. The former coach and now consultant on RMC raised the possibility that Saudi Arabia is positioning itself for the takeover of the club.

“Not only do I think that the Saudis can buy OM quickly, but in addition, if we start looking for who could be the ideal coach to lead their project… If we wonder who would be the best person to lead the OM, someone who knows the city, who knows this club. A competent person, of Marseille origin? So it’s true, you can think of me. But I promise you, it won’t be me (laughs). But I am thinking of another Marseillais, from the 15th arrondissement, like me. And his name is Zinedine Zidane“, had dropped Rolland Courbis on RMC.

I won’t say it but I won’t be surprised

This Monday, with Jean-Luc Reichmann who posted a video on his Twitter account, the coach reacted to rumors sending Zinedine Zidane to Saudi Arabia. Rolland Courbis persists and signs that he would rather be part of a new project in Marseille. “Zidane in Saudi Arabia? No ! The noises that have been known are that Zidane, if Saudi Arabia buys OM, he would then be the coach of this operation. I tell myself that in a reflection of Saudi Arabia to organize a World Cup in 2030, they try to bring in Benzema, Ronaldo, Messi… Behind that, I had some small noises… I will not affirm but I will not be surprised if they can continue this project by putting a rival at PSG, which could be in Marseille. It would be an extraordinary thing in our championship! I’m not saying it’s going to happen, I’m saying I won’t be surprised if it happens! I kind of have to play on words…”

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