Conor McGregor sent the Heat mascot to the emergency room with two punches

COnor McGregor got into his role during a joke prepared for a break in Game 4 of the NBA Finals between the Heat and the Nuggets. The UFC fighter was provoked by the Heat’s mascot, Burnie, who came looking for him with a provocative attitude and dressed in boxing gloves and tunics.

McGregor unloaded a right hook on the mascot’s head and when he was already on the ground he finished him off with another punch. Poor Burnie was dragged across the park. Everything seemed part of the show until it was learned that the man who was inside ended up in the emergency room. There they gave him painkillers, made sure that the blows had not caused any damage and sent him home. The UFC champion might not have taken acting so seriously.

2023-06-10 23:05:00
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