Clearance at BG Göttingen continues: Bess to Würzburg

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Created: 6/5/2023 4:56 am


From the leash to the Main: Javon Bess changes from BG Göttingen to Baskets Würzburg. © Hubert Jelinek/gsd

The big sell-out is now continuing at the basketball Bundesliga club BG Göttingen.

Göttingen – After Till Pape, Javon Bess (27) is the second player to leave the violets and join Baskets Würzburg. The Mainfranken should have offered the previous BGer a better salary, although they usually act as if they had no money. Bess has signed in Würzburg until 2025.

In Göttingen, Bess averaged 9.3 points and 3.5 rebounds in a total of 35 appearances (main round and play-offs). “In our opinion he has been one of the best defenders in the BBL this season. He can defend any opponent from one to four and will mainly play on the two wing positions for us,” said Kresimir Loncar, Sport Manager in Würzburg. The club had previously brought Maximilian Ugrai back from Heidelberg.

Due to the limited economic opportunities, Mark Smith, Harald Frey, Geno Crandall and Rayshaun Hammonds are also likely to leave the BG – only romantics will have counted on another season with the BG. There are corresponding comments on Instagram: “The same every year, you have to put together a completely new team in Göttingen,” writes, for example, user “tim_miri_lux”. (haz/gsd)

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