Chaotic turbulence in the fourth final game

After the next sovereign away win, the Denver Nuggets are very close to their first championship title in the NBA.

The Nuggets were neither deterred by superstar Nikola Jokic’s near-field reference nor by chaotic turbulence around a basket.

Jokic was absent for a few minutes in the final stages of the game because he conceded his fifth foul nine minutes before the end and was close to being sent off.

The Nuggets caught it collectively, this time the team was less dependent on the congenial duo Jokic (23 points) and Jamal Murray (15).

Aaron Gordon in particular relieved the two and contributed 27 points – with a 70 percent hit rate – a total of five players scored double digits for Denver, who were superior in every respect.

“Our offensive may play less well without Nikola,” said coach Michael Malone: ​​”But the five guys out there are also doing great defensive work and that’s the key to the success of the collective.”

The nuggets also did not let themselves be made nervous by a minute-long interruption of the game in the third quarter: one of the baskets had to be repaired because the ring was bent by an action by heat center Bam Adebayo, it then took a long time before a ladder was found.

Miami made it into the final series as eighth of the main round and managed to surprise a few times, but the team from Florida can’t afford another defeat.

Miami’s only win of the series came away, however, in the second game in Denver. On Saturday, Jimmy Butler was again the team’s best pitcher with 25 points.

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