CEBL: The Montreal Alliance suffers a 2nd consecutive loss

Blake Francis’ 25 points weren’t enough to carry the Montreal Alliance, which lowered its flag on the Verdun Auditorium floor on Sunday to the Brampton Honey Badgers, who won 94-82.

After winning their first two games of the new season, Derrick Alston’s men have suffered back-to-back losses. The record of Montreal basketball players is now 2-2.

Treveon Graham did well in the loss with 18 rebounds. He was the better of the two clubs in this category. Graham also had 13 points.

Nathan Cayo is the only other Alliance player to have reached at least ten points.

In the win, Koby Mcewen was the most productive for the Honey Badgers with 28 points.

At least five Honey Badgers players had at least ten points: Zane Waterman (18), Kyle Johnson (14), Cody John (12) and Christian Vital (11) were the others.

For his part, Jeremiah Tilmon totaled eleven rebounds.

2023-06-04 23:00:34
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