By defeating the European champion, he wins 3rd place

By defeating the European champion, he wins 3rd place

Dan Kristians Likovs from Sports Club “Favorits” participated in the international kickboxing tournament “Hungarian kickboxing World Cup 2023”, in which more than 2000 athletes from more than 30 countries took part.

Dan played two fights and won 3rd place in the K-1 weight category -60 kg. The K-1 section is the most difficult style of kickboxing, where you can hit with a knee and hand in a turn (becfist). One of these new and non-standard but very effective kicks is the round kick (backfist). Due to its non-standard nature, this kick often surprises the opponent and hits the target, and when executed correctly, this kick develops a great impact force. Dan had his first fight with an opponent from Israel (European champion), in which Dan Christian won convincingly.

In the second fight, there was an equal fight with an athlete from Ukraine, but the judges gave the victory to an athlete from Ukraine.

This tournament was part of the preparatory stage for the European Championship.

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