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Created: 6/3/2023 5:28 am


The sporty climbers in Bundesliga T-shirts: The Veilchen Ladies with silver medals after the ceremony on Sunday in Rotenburg/Scheeßel. Far left coach Jonas Fischer, far right trainer Ruzica Dzankic. © BG 74 Goettingen/nh

After the sporting promotion and the associated return to the women’s basketball league (DBBL), the Medical Instinct Veilchen BG 74 Göttingen now want to exercise their right to promotion. They are still looking for sponsors.

Göttingen – “We are pleased that the league, i.e. all teams of the 1st DBBL and all other relevant bodies, have approved a subsequent first division application on our part,” says Managing Director Richard Crowder. “Due to our outsider role in the playoffs, this sensational success was not to be expected until the very end, so we originally did not apply for a license. The team has outgrown themselves and absolutely deserves promotion, which is why we are now trying everything to achieve promotion.”

After seventh place in the main round, the violets, who competed without a classic professional player, successively beat the aspiring aspirants Rhein-Main Baskets (second in the table of the 2. DBBL-Süd), ChemCats Chemnitz (third in the table of the northern season) and league leader BBZ Opladen Hawks in three playoff rounds and ultimately unexpectedly secured the sporting right of promotion to the DBBL as runner-up.

However, there is little time for this. Accordingly, short-term, positive signals from existing and new business partners are important. “The time frame is a big challenge as funding is not secured yet,” Crowder explains. “We have to significantly expand our partner network for the new season. We would therefore like to invite regional politics and business to support the team, to establish Göttingen women’s basketball permanently in the first league together with us and to develop it into a top location in Germany.

Whether the BG 74 will compete in the 1st or 2nd Toyota DBBL in the future will be decided in the next few weeks. Every partnership commitment is a valuable building block for the realization of participation in the first division and the further development of our club structures.

If you are interested in support, please email Jakob Papenbrock ([email protected]) or Managing Director Richard Crowder ([email protected]). (haz/gsd)

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