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The story is a bit reminiscent of Nike and Michael Jordan’s early days in the NBA.

At that time, the shoe manufacturer paid a fine because it intentionally violated a rule of the league: At that time, all sneakers had to be white. Nike’s was (also) red and black. It cost $5,000 a game in the 80’s.

In the finals of Easycredit Basketball Bundesliga, Ratiopharm Ulm also voluntarily pays a fine.

Because the coaching team around Anton Gavel (38) doesn’t want people to listen to the time-outs. The club submitted this to the league before game 1 of the series in Bonn on Friday.

However, it has stipulated that the broadcasting station (“MagentaSport”) must be granted access to time-outs – with a camera and microphone.

BILD learned: A few hours before the jump ball, those responsible for Ulm and the BBL agreed that the time-outs would not be filmed.

The fine for this was set at 500 euros. per game.

Because Ulm is said to have already announced that it will follow this line to the end of the best-of-five series of the finals.

The tactic was successful in the game on Friday. Surprisingly, Ulm won 79:73, stealing Bonn’s home field advantage. During the Telekom Baskets’ time-outs, filming was carried out as usual and a microphone was also held in the team circle.

There had been a lot of trouble about time-outs in the last few weeks – and the people of Bonn were right in the middle of it.

At the Final Four of the Champions League in May, members of the Bonn delegation were observed following the time-outs of semi-final opponents Malaga on their laptops. They are said to have passed on their information to the bank.

Bonn won the game 69:67 and also took the title a day later. Malaga’s Kendrick Perry (30) was annoyed by Bonn’s behavior: “It seems sneaky to me. I don’t know if that’s legal. If it’s legal, maybe we should consider changing the rules.”

In the Bonn semi-final against Ludwigsburg, the players of the MHP giants wanted to prevent exactly that, blocked the cameraman from “MagentaSport” with towels or put themselves in the picture.

After a clarifying conversation between the league and Ludwigsburg coach Josh King, his team refrained from attempting to disrupt the game in the next two games.

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Source: Youtube, BILD 09.06.2023

So far, only Ulm has come up with the idea of ​​voluntarily paying a fine and leaving the cameras outside.

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