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When Ludwigsburg coach Josh King (37) with assistant coach David McCray (36) after the crucial 73:82 bankruptcy against Bonn in the Basketball-Playoffs of the easycredit-BBL came to the business room of the MHP-Arena, spontaneous applause erupted among the guests.

Rightly so. After the departure of Ewig coach John Patrick (55) to Japan, the big season can be considered a success: 5th place in the main round, playoff semi-finals, participation in the Fourth Cup Final.

Bonn coach Tumoas Iisalo: “After Patrick’s departure, there could hardly have been bigger shoes to fill. Josh and his team had a very good season and it was a great run against us. Hats off!”

In the end, however, Bonn was one size too big. Also because the young Ludwigsburg troupe was sometimes too impetuous on the road. After captain Polas Bartolo was injured early on, the MHP giants threw everything in, but it rarely seemed properly coordinated.

Ludwigsburg is eliminated in the playoff semifinals by Telekom Baskets Bonn – Will Cherry is sent off

One of the few experienced players was a symbol of this: Will Cherry (32) – after all, eight NBA games for the Cleveland Cavaliers – tried to carry his squad in Game 4, held on, fanned the 4200 fans with spectacular actions.

But: At Cherry, sometimes outstanding threesomes from the suburbs alternated with ball losses that almost drove his coach to despair. Nevertheless, he was the outstanding giant with 17 points until he was sent off early in the third quarter for two unsportsmanlike fouls in a Bonner dunk attempt.

No question: A very tough decision, but you could almost see it coming. Therefore also said

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