Baseball Serie B, Piacenza in the field against Fossano for the first return

The double success obtained by Piacenza Baseball on Seveso in last Sunday’s recovery allowed them to earn third place in the Group 1 standings, putting them back in the running for the acquisition of the first two places that are worth access to the promotion playoffs.

The second round kicks off in this round, with the red and white team away in Fossano (game 1 at 11; game 2 at 15), with the Piedmontese currently in last place in the standings together with Junior Parma. In the first leg, in their league debut, Piacenza settled the matter with a clear 2-0, however Fossano is not a team to be underestimated because, results aside, they can count on a well-matched and excellent pitching team . The difficulties encountered so far by the Piedmontese concern the attack, where there is a lack of continuity in terms of effectiveness, and the defence, with often fluctuating performances. For Minoia and his teammates this match represents the opportunity to confirm the good things seen against Seveso and to reaffirm their leadership in the top part of the standings.

Matches scheduled for the eighth day
Fossano-Piacenza; Catalan Alghero-Milan; Avigliana-Junior Parma; Ares Milan-CABS Seveso; the classification: Milano 12v 2p; Catalana Alghero 10v 4p; Piacenza, Ares Milano 8v 6p; Avigliana 7v 7p; CABS Seveso 5v 9p; Fossano, Junior Parma 3v 11p.

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2023-06-10 23:31:44
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