Barça eliminates Valencia from the triple

Barça eliminates Valencia from the triple

Jasikevicius’ men make it 2-0 at La Fonteta, with a record of 18 triples, and meet Unicaja in the semifinals


Barça sentenced the ‘playoff’ against Valencia Basket this Friday to advance to the semifinals of the Endesa League, where they will face Unicaja, with a 64-87 scoreline that left them on track in the first half and continued until the all-time record of 18 triples.

Sarunas Jasikevicius’s team avoided any attempt to react from the Valencians with a serious start at La Fonteta, with a lot of three-pointers and defense to dry out the locals. Tomas Satoransky, Nikola Mirotic, Laprovittola, Kyle Kuric and Abrines shared the bulk of the 18 hits from three that become the all-time record in an ACB playoff game.

Barça made it easy by moving the ball and finding a lot of free shooters. This is how the blaugrana income grew without truce, with Mirotic and Abrines leading the inaugural wave, along with an intense defense that only opened its doors to the caracoleo of Jones and Harper.

Those of ‘Saras’ left losses but in the fight they won every facet of the match. Kuric was the one who got into tune in the second set, while Valencia couldn’t find an outside route (one of nine in triples) to get closer on the scoreboard, and with certain whistles to his team, La Fonteta dismissed the first half.

After the break, it was the three-pointers from Satoransky and Laprovittola that ended up denying any hint of a comeback to the locals. Álex Mumbrú’s rotation did not provide solutions, without connecting key players such as Jones, Webb or Dubljevic, until Hermansson dared to go to war with everything to lose.

The Icelander, with 10 points, was the last exponent of a Valencia that was halfway this season in all three competitions. Barça, in overwhelming mode and with a record included, took another bit of their mind off their minds at La Fonteta, the elimination in the Euroleague against Real Madrid, before taking on Unicaja who, after winning the Copa del Rey, wants another bell.


–RESULT: VALENCIA BASKETBALL, 64 – BARÇA, 87. (26-43, at halftime).-


VALENCIA BASKET: Jones (4), Harper (12), Pradilla (4), Webb (4) and Dubljevic (8) –starting five–; Puerto (5), Claver (6), Alexander (2), Radebaugh (2), Hermansson (10), Ferrando (-), Evans (7).

BARÇA: Satoransky (14), Laprovittola (11), Abrines (12), Mirotic (13) and Vesely (4) –starting five–; Sanli (2), Kalinic (6), Tobey (5), Kuric (11), Jokubaitis (6), Nnaji (3), Martinez (-).

–PARTIALS: 13-26, 13-17, 19-24, 19-20.

–REFEREES: García González, Jiménez and Olivares. No deleted.

— PAVILION: La Fonteta, 7,103 spectators.

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