Banchero between Italbasket and Team USA, the words of Mike Miller

The debate around the choice of Paolo Banchero. He will wear the shirt of Italian national teamor will choose the Team USA?

The talent of Orlando Magic, who will be in Italy next week, is expected to make a decision shortly. His agent Mike Miller he does not hide the difficulties facing a crossroads that could mark the player’s career.

The priority is to work well in the summer to be at your best next season. He would like to play for both national teams, but he can’t do it. He will have to make a decision, we don’t know when it will come. We have had meetings with both sides. Whatever the choice, it won’t be against one or the other

Mike Miller

Naturally the World Cup is an important showcase, however Banchero is at the dawn of his NBA career and will be called upon to confirm the good things done in his rookie season. For this reason, as Miller points out, in an interview with Sky Sportsthe priority will be to get to the top in October.

The World Cup is an option. We can’t say yes or no, but let’s remember that he is a 20-year-old boy. It won’t be an easy decision

Mike Miller

Great anticipation for the meeting with the Italian Basketball Federation which should guide the negotiation, one way or the other. The blue hopes are known: a player like Banchero would allow our national team to make an important leap in quality.

In Italy we will make sure we get in touch with the Fip. We will try to understand what the timeline is and if it can work. Paolo has a great history that binds him to Italy. Having the opportunity to play for them excites him a lot, but so does Team USA. Paolo has always put basketball first. His will be a sporting choice

Mike Miller

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