Asee, education is at home! Jhonathan Chávez sends a loud and clear message to those who criticize his ‘shows’

Jhonathan Chávez was one of the artists who performed with a great dance event at an event that took place at the Figali Convention Center this weekend. His “show” included luxurious headdresses, Congo outfits and girls who performed tremendous choreography. It was quite a choreographic show with his music on stage!

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Well, although they are satisfied with the work that is being done with typical Panamanian music at this time, there are those who criticized the folkloric presentations and even the remeneos. More than anything, it was the shaking of both Made and Jhonathan and the other members of the group with “that movement daddy…”. WOW!

Let’s remember that this issue of shuffling in typical music and the change that Chávez and Los Triunfadores have given to their music has been spouting pus since a typical music artist highlighted on a radio program that this was not typical.

The point is that Jhonathan recorded a video to thank the people who wrote to him – which were many people – who liked the “show” they gave, because that makes typical Panamanian music grow and advance every day.

Through his Instagram account and precisely in the comments of the video in which he talked about his “show” over the weekend, a person told him that he sticks with the native and that he should be more careful with the message he sends. to children and youth. Look you! Chávez did not remain silent and replied: “None of the commercials is educational, education is at home and at school, or are you going to tell me that buying superhero dolls for children at Christmas is educational? Weapons…criminals promote those toys, but since it’s funny, They think they are childish, are you going to tell me that McDonald’s is healthy?…”, he highlighted.

And he continued: “If we want to educate them, then they would have to go where they teach them to eat healthy, not junk food, if we want to educate them, the first thing I remember is that my parents would put me to bed at 7 at night and they would not even let me see novel, education belongs to the parents and the school, not to television, music and shops,” he said.

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