Annoyed, Damian Lillard proposes a big change of rules!

Damian Lillard has been on vacation for a few weeks already, but he always keeps a close eye on NBA news. Moreover, he has just reacted to a big proposal to change the rules of this sport, and he has campaigned for the removal of a historical aspect of basketball and sport in general.

Basketball is not a fixed sport and the rules evolve quite regularly, both at the sporting level and at the administrative level. For example, to limit the power of certain franchises like the Warriors or the Clippers, who spend without necessarily counting, the NBA has just put in place fairly significant financial limitations. A small revolution will take place next summer.

On the field, while some talk about inducting a 4-point line, it’s another detail that has infuriated consultant and former coach Jeff Van Gundy. Indeed, he was annoyed by the impact of faults on the pace of meetings, then pointed to the biggest waste of time in his eyes: half-time. It’s very simple, he wants to delete everything!

Damian Lillard rails against half-time

Free throws must be suppressed until the last four minutes of the game. If you are fouled while attempting a shot, you just take the points without shooting the shots. Same, no need to go on the line for technical faults, it’s automatically points. Then I would delete half-time, it’s the biggest waste of time. Or just 5 minutes, time to go to the bathroom and come back.

For JVG, free throws are a luxury the NBA and fans can do without, except in the final minutes, where the address from the line can decide the outcome. Likewise, he feels the 15-minute halftime is a mistake, especially in a sport where tactical adjustments can be made during a time-out. Damian Lillard agreed with one of the two proposals.

I agree for halftime. I do not like it.

Damian Lillard is a series player, who can chain the baskets when he catches fire. We can therefore understand his frustration when he has to go to the locker room for half-time when he is just beginning to find his cruising speed. Those who will not agree, however, are the interiors who spend more than 30 minutes struggling in the racket…

Damian Lillard is for a halftime elimination in the NBA, he is not a fan of this concept. If it allows the stars to take a few minutes of rest, it also tends to break the rhythm of the shooters.

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