Ancash will hold the first national badminton tournament

  • From June 09 to 11 at the Coliseo Cerrado de Huaraz.

With the presence of 90 outstanding national athletes, South American and Pan American medalists, the I Open of Huaraz will take place, a national tournament sponsored by the Ancash Regional Sports Council (CRD) and organized by the Peruvian Badminton Federation.

The tournament marks a milestone in the history of Peruvian badminton, not only because it is the first regional event in the sport, but it will bring together high-performance athletes from the Lima, Piura, Huánuco, Ayacucho, Ancash and Arequipa regions.

William Buendía, Luciana Barboza, Rafaela Munar, Ian Moromisato, Jose Maria Rendon, Saul Andrade, Marcelo Novoa, Kalei Kuan Veng, Mirei Moromisato, among others; will participate in the sporting event, which is valid for the national ranking 2023 and adds the final score to qualify for the Pan American Youth of Lima.

The activity will take place from June 09 to 11 at the Coliseo Cerrado de Huaraz, recently repaired (roof) by the Ancash Regional Government, and they will be able to participate in the modalities of singles ladies and men, doubles ladies and men and mixed doubles. Admission will be free.

2023-06-04 19:03:29
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