Alderweireld, Antwerp hero: “A return to the national team? If I am asked…”

Alderweireld : “I don’t have the words to describe what happened today. A lot of people said that I shouldn’t go to Antwerp. But it’s my city and my heart club so this title is incredible. My goal? Yesterday, in training, we had thought of the disaster scenario in which I had to participate in the offensives in the last minutes. It had worked for me in training and I thought, ‘If only it could be the same tomorrow.’ It’s crazy! I had the chance to play a Champions League final and a World Cup semi-final but this is the greatest moment of my career. A return to the national team? You never know if they ask me to come (laughs).”

Incredible: Union collapses at the end of the match, Alderweireld offers the title to Antwerp with a sublime strike

They’re done : “I don’t have the words. I did it for my family, I have tears in my eyes, I’m so happy to do the double. I think you have to go back a long time to find a club that has achieved the double so it’s historic! We were a little in doubt in this meeting then we were able to score this goal in the last minutes. I did not really know the score in the other meeting even if I heard the supporters from Genk to celebrate. The bench made us realize that a small goal was enough and he fell…”

stumble “I feel like it’s unreal what’s going on. That last minute goal from Alderweireld, it’s unbelievable. We knew that if we lost, Alderwerireld would rise as a striker. He did it and he deserves it, because it’s his favorite club! We’re now going to go back to the stadium and then we’re going to party for a few days before going on vacation with the family. I’m also thinking of Genk who would also have deserved to be champion but that’s football.”

Haroun : “It’s so much joy. We are champions with the DNA of Antwerp because we believed in it until the end. It’s a special title for me because it’s my last year as a professional player . We proved that we were present in all of Belgium. It’s one of the most beautiful consecrations, if not the most beautiful of my career.”

Sven Jacques (CEO) : “It’s my seventh season and we are Belgian champions after an incredible scenario. We had nothing to lose since we lost the title last season. The double was not even an objective. .. It’s been 66 years since we were champions. After 13 years in D2, we build little by little and we succeed after winning the cup twice, we now win the championship. We want to be competitive in Europe , fight for the title again and try to go as far as possible in the Cup next year. It’s going to be one hell of a party at Bosuil.”

‘We ruined our whole season today’: Unionists dejected after title loss

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