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Various things, a bit of everything.

– Still nice large fish bowl around 30 cm in diameter.

Including stones, some accessories, artificial plants and half a bag of black gravel.

22.00 euros for everything in the photo.

– 4 badminton rackets offered with 2 shuttlecocks.

In good condition.

5.00 euros for the set.

– Offered set of almost new wellies.

Size 40-41, color blue.

7,00 euro.

– Never used table barbecue.

Diameter 26 cm.

With cabbage grid, meat grid, legs and handle for grid and air slide at the bottom.

Is NOT a disposable barbecue.

8,00 euro.

– 2 x Spro mill bag offered, with soft interior.

Also 2 x bag for bite alarm.

Everything can be closed with zippers.

15.00 euros for all 4.

– 2 T-handle keys offered. With cardan joint.

This is size 11 and size 13.

In good condition.

10.00 euros for both.

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2023-06-03 21:54:22
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