Who is Santiago Rearte, the boy from Caleta Olivia who at the age of 10 won the figure skating world cup

Who is Santiago Rearte, the boy from Caleta Olivia who at the age of 10 won the figure skating world cup

Santiago Rearte has 10 yearshe is skinny, slender, he still has teeth that have not finished growing and the smile does not fade from his face. Brand new world figure skating champion in Paraguay, he is emerging as one of the great values ​​of the specialty in Argentina.

Born in Olivia Creekrepresents Comodoro Rivadavia and is the small great value of the Argentine national figure skating team and he can already say that he is world champion.

“He is very diligent, very respectful and our work as adults, coaches and even psychologists is that does not lose its naturalness“, Told him to Clarin Celeste Garay, her coach.

“The mascot” of the delegation “has un don natural” who is admired by the rest of the delegation, made up of older youth, but far from generating jealousy, he is integrated into the group and “they come looking for him”, “like now, when they took him away to know other clues on the property before having dinner at the hotel”, says his coach.

Santiago Rearte, the young figure skater talent, along with the rest of the delegation that competed in Paraguay. Photo Twitter CAP

Santiago he will return with his trophy next Friday, almost a week after his coronation in Paraguaywhere he won the “Mini men free skating. First Place”, as the trophy says, which is almost as big as his head, that of a 10-year-old boy.

The Argentine promise won in its category in the Artistic International Series 2023 held in Asunción and organized by World Skate, the label that groups sports on boards and shoes with wheels that is the official olympic federation.

Who is that Patagonian boy and champion

It started at the age of two getting on his sister Sofía’s skates. as a game, how children know the world. However, his skills and his ability to move on the four wheels of each skate led him to display his grace on the track and to compete.

The trophy that Santiago Rearte won in Paraguay.

The trophy that Santiago Rearte won in Paraguay.

“At the age of 4 he was already doing very advanced technical things, he has a very advanced born condition“, says his coach, who clarifies that since Santiago is “very self-demanding”, they talk to him permanently to that does not haveextra pressureswhich many times he imposes on himself”.

“He is a saint. very applied to everything, even at school. It’s quiet. super respectful and likes to draw. He’s still a 10-year-old boy, but he doesn’t make a mess.”

He is “a very fanatic of skateboarding,” describes Garay, who recalls an anecdote his mother told him: “They had taken him to soccer and he went to save, but in the bow towards skate things. His passion is skating, he practiced movements, routines “. The ball is not always as hypnotic as it is believed.

This Tuesday, Santiago raised a trophy in the Paraguayan capital. A dull, apparently frosted circle on a wooden base, almost as big as his head. “Mini men free skating. First Place”, says the plaque on the front of the award that certifies him as the best in his category and even with Olympic projection, although that is still a few years away. It will be 2028, it will be 2032. It doesn’t matter, the truth is that Rearte “is still in the formative stage.”

The tension is always. Anxiety… it’s a super important tournament in which 14 countries participated“said Garay, who said that” he always carries a bear or a pet, but not this time.

“Didn’t you bring me a pet? I asked her,” the coach recounted with a laugh, remembering her own surprise. “She is now the mascot of the group,” she adds, on the “cabulero” side of the new champion.

The Committee on Children’s Activitiesknown in southern Argentina as “la CAI”congratulated his credit for the achievement in his social networks, is that at their facilities, where Garay and Santiago polish the small southern diamond.

Santiago Rearte, with his mother in Paraguay

Santiago Rearte, with his mother in Paraguay

Santiago did not need to make a last pass in the competition, since there was no final by decision of the tournament organization, so his grades on monday took him to the max.

“We are happy, excited because we saw him well, enjoy and very calm,” added his mother, as reproduced by the Patagonian media Tiempo Sur.

The trip to Paraguay, which was the ladder to glory in the Top and Mini Children’s categories, “was not easy,” Viviana explained.

“As a family it was a marathon race for be able to raise the money and be able to participate because the reality is that it represents the Argentine National Team, but the expenses are borne by the athlete,” he said.

The club, the municipality of Comodoro, the government of chubut and close to the family collaborated so that Rearte can reach Asunción. Even being one of the youngest in the national team, his abilities were already seen as unusual, before and now.

“His skills were not common at his age. She started competing at the age of four with outstanding techniques,” Viviana said.

Santiago Rearte, the young figure skater talent, who was the best in his category against participants from 14 countries.

Santiago Rearte, the young figure skater talent, who was the best in his category against participants from 14 countries.

Santiago begins to say goodbye to Paraguay with a story in his Instagram. A photo of the city, with a flag of that country and a smiling emoji. All of his posts, including the username, have to do with skateboarding. Their 834 followers join the festivities that appear the account “supervised by an adult”. A champion, who is a child.


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