What would happen if the Competition decrees that there is improper alignment?

El Getafehas denounced this wednesday to Real Madrid for improper alignment to the Competition Committee. The azulón club understands that one of the changes for the white team in last weekend’s match occurred illegally.

It happened at 84′, when I was going to leave Asensio due to injury of Camavinga. He Getafe say what Odriozol, who entered the pitch, had already entered the field, so the substitution was already made and it was Asensio who had to leave and not Camavinga. Now, Getafe fights -with reason- in the office so that justice agrees with them and win the game (0-3).

Three days for the allegations

The Federation has forwarded the complaint to Real Madrid. The white club will have three days to present the allegations it considers. The Competition Committee will study the case.

What the standard says

He article 76 of the rule on misalignment is clear. And it says that “in any case, the club that improperly fielded a footballer for not meeting the regulatory requirements to be able to participate in a match, will be considered as lost, declaring the opponent the winner with the result of three goals to nil, except that a higher score would have been obtained, if the competition were by points, in which case it will be maintained. If it were by eliminatory rounds, the one in question will be resolved in favor of the opponent. In this case, if the second match is yet to be held of the matches in the field of the latter, the culprit must indemnify him in the amount determined based on the average of the collections of analogous class competitions during the previous two seasons.

The LaLiga 2022-23 calculator

Regarding the player who intervened unduly, he says that “In the case of the type of offenses referred to in this article, the clubs integrated in the division or group to which the alleged offender belongs will be entitled to act as complainants, and in such case the competent disciplinary body must initiate the corresponding procedure.“.

Getafe would come out of relegation and Valladolid would enter

If there is finally misalignment, the Getafe he would achieve three more points that would take him out of relegation. It would be placed with 37, the same as a Valencia with which it has lost the goal average (5-1 won the Valencia in Mestalla and by 1-0 the Getafe in it Coliseum). Valladolid, currently with 35 points, would go on to occupy the places that they burn, equaled with the Cadizwhich would continue with the same units.

Changes also above

And not only that. Things would also change at the top. He Real Madrid he would lose three points and would leave the current 71 to stay with 68, for which he would advance a Atletico Madrid which remains 69 units, but in second place. In the next week, after Madrid presents allegations, a resolution will be known that could change the end of the league just three days after its resolution.

This would be the classification:

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