VIDEO EXCLUDED – “I don’t like it! “: Nelson Monfort annoyed about the Olympics

On May 28, from 2 p.m., Nelson Monfort will be the guest of the show The Good Sunday Show, hosted by Bruno Guillon and broadcast on RTL. In a video clip that Gala reveals to you, the 70-year-old sports journalist talks about the Olympic Games, the next edition of which will take place in Paris from July 26, 2024. For him, basketball, football, tennis and golf are sports that have no place in such competition.

“These are sports that have their calendar. I’ll give you an example – and by the way I talk about it in the book [il a publié l’ouvrage Mémoires olympiques, en novembre 2021, NDLR] –, at the London Olympics in 2012, the players had asked for an exit clause in case they were eliminated in the first two rounds”, affirmed Nelson Monfort, tackling this request from the athletes since, in his view, the concept of this competition “is to stay until the end”. “I don’t like… What does that mean?” dropped the journalist, critic, by proposing to Bruno Guillon to remind him “who won the last Olympic tennis tournament”. “Nobody can answer that… Who won the last Olympic football tournament? continued Nelson Monfort, without giving the radio host time to give an answer. On his way, he highlighted the fact that he is easier to remember, for example, the name of the winner of the last Roland Garros.

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A competition based on the “equality” of all athletes?

“[Le fait de] even asking this question is proof that there is something wrong”, said Nelson Monfort, immersing himself in his memories of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, which he himself had commented on. Despite everything, the sports journalist does not remember, instantly at least, the winner of the golf event. “Athletics, swimming, gymnastics, judo… All of these are Olympic sports, which, once every four years, reach their media Holy Grail”, he developed. According to him, “everyone is equal in the Olympics”, he summarized, questioning the highlighting of certain disciplines during this international competition.

The entire sequence will be available on RTL, in Le Bon Dimanche Show, presented by Bruno Guillon, this Sunday May 28 from 2 p.m.

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