Various other sports/Badminton – Insane record broken in rally (video)

The event of the year in badminton took place during a knockout round at the Malaysian Masters between the Malaysian and Japanese women’s doubles. The 4 players completed the longest rally in the history of the sport.

This exchange took place on May 25 between the women’s doubles of Thinaah Muralitharan and Pearly Tan (Malaysia) and the Japanese pair of Rena Miyaura and Ayako Sakuramoto. While there was a set all, the Malaysians led 16-14 in the third and final set. These were in the service, and followed an exchange of more than 3 minutes and 15 seconds, with more than 211 strokes, thus establishing the world record, although little known in the discipline. The previous record was from April 2022, when the World Federation recorded an exchange of 195 blows in Korea.

This feat was not in vain, as the Malaysians made it to the Masters final, even though they were beaten by stronger opponents. The main thing is that they have entered the history of badminton.

Thomas Brouard

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2023-05-31 07:26:12
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