Vanoli with yet another author’s second time brings home the first battle against Fortitudo

Hot Palaradi for the start of the Serie A2 playoff semifinals: Vanoli Cremona, fresh from the sweep, after a very tight match 3, against Agrigento hosts Fortitudo Bologna who, after the defeat in match 1, overturned the series with Cento winning 3- 1.

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The guests who attack the area with Candussi get off to a good start, Cremona responds with the bombs of Piccoli and Denegri, Eboua makes no mistake from the average, Aradori and Denegri exchange courtesies from the arc and the game is more than sparkling, Pacher signs up for the festival of the triples, Candussi under the basket is a very uncomfortable customer but here is Lacey who, with one foot on the line, writes 16-9; Fortitudo reacts with a dry 8-0 which gives her the first advantage of the evening, Pecchia and Pacher put their nose back on, but Bologna does not give up and, with another 6-0 break, puts the arrow back on 23-20 at the end first quarter.

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Fortitudo continues to spin the ball well even at the start of the second half by hitting from a long distance with Panni, Alibegovic stubbornly first responds with the same coin then converts the free throw for the coach awarded to the Italian, Mobio in the tap-in finds parity at odds 26 but again Cremona in defense concedes something too much and suffers a 5-0 minibreak; Denegri is very hot from the arc, the teams respond blow by blow from the area (the baskets by Piccoli and Lacey in the float and the dunk by Barbante are valuable), Pacher puts in the overtaking bomb, Barbante and Banks reply again returning to the + 2, Denegri hits from the line, the match gives no breaks, Pacher signs yet another overtaking from below but, right on the siren, Barbante fires the bomb that sends everyone into the locker room at 42-41 for those who travel.

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Vanoli starts again strong with two good defenses that are worth as many dunks as the Eboua-Pacher tandem, Banks finds only the retina from the arc, Candussi and Pacher are impeccable in their free throws, Cucci, at the end of a masterful ball circulation, draws the central bomb who writes +1 in an increasingly beautiful and compelling game; Cremona restarts with the Pacher-Lacey tandem which puts full possession back between the two teams, Barbante places the second dunk of the evening, Pacher and Panni keep the gap unchanged with the clock stopped, Alibegovic and Caroti push up to +7 but, still Barbante and still on the siren he puts in the basket that sends the third quarter to 62-57 on file.

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It starts again with Panni’s bomb, Alibegovic responds with arrest and shooting, the Italian goes wild with five consecutive shots that bring Bologna back to +1, Vanoli does not lose the handle, continues to defend strongly and put a lot of energy, 5-0 by Eboua -Lacey, Panni draws two more but Cremona is very hot from the arc first with Denegri, central, then with Lacey from the corner after yet another monster defense and is +8; the white-blue defensive wall gets higher and higher, the Effe goes haywire, Lacey widens the gap beyond double digits, Aradori and Fantinelli stop the bleeding, but on the other side a monstrous AJ Pacher closes it by placing first a table of three points then a valuable basket from average.

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It ends 83-74 for a diesel version of Vanoli Cremona, two quarters with a few flaws too much especially in terms of defensive rotations, the usual third period in the playoff version with strong defense and warm hands and a fourth quarter in which the wall in his own half it has simply become insurmountable; MVP a crazy Pacher, capable of scoring in every way with a clear path from three and free throws (80%), in double figures Denegri and Lacey that defining “clutch” is an understatement, but the contribution of all the players is excellent. Appointment for race 2 on Tuesday evening at 20.45 again at the Palaradi.

Vanoli Basketball Cremona 83
Fortitudo Bologna 74
Partials: 20-23 / 41-42 / 62-57 / 83-74

CREMONA: Eboua 9, Pacher 24, Alibegovic 8, Pecchia 2, Caroti 3, Zanotti ne, Vecchiola ne, Denegri 14, Lacey 16, Piccoli 5, Mobio 2, Ndzie ne.
All. Cavina

BOLOGNA: Banks 5, Aradori 9, Barbante 13, Panni 14, Vasl 3, Candussi 8, Fantinelli 5, Niang ne, Italiano 5, Cucci 12.
All. Anchoring

MVP: Pacher

Notes: Italian technician (12′).

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