Title battle will be an unseen thriller with Racing Genk: Limburgers third candidate after victory over Club Brugge | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

Antwerp, Union and Racing Genk. The final day will be an unprecedented thriller now that the Limburgers are also competing for the title as the third dog. Genk grabbed his last straw on a visit to Club Brugge by winning 1-3. Paintsil and Hrosovsky scored the goals. Can’t wait for the final game next Sunday?

Club Brugge – Genk in a nutshell

  • Key moment: The visitors seem to have lost their energy for more than an hour, until they struggle to reach 1-2 with some effort. A few minutes later the 1-3 hangs against the ropes and the victory is safe, but Genk really had no surplus today.
  • Man of the Match: Usually Patrik Hrosovsky is a maid for all, especially invisible, work. Today he crawled out of the shadows to score a vital goal. The Slovak single-handedly breathed new life into Genk’s title hopes.
  • Remarkable: Genk can finally win again on the move, after seven away games in the competition without a win. And that precisely on the field of Club Brugge, where it has only managed to triumph once in the past nine years.

Paintsil gives Genk a flattering lead

Genk was not allowed to encounter too many problems against half an emergency team of Club Brugge, where many attacking players were not available. Also because there was nothing more at stake for the home team apart from the honour. It was therefore surprising that the first big chance was for Club. Vandevoordt tapped Vermant’s effort against the crossbar with a great reflex.

It didn’t take long before Genk reacted appropriately. Tolu headed the ball high into the air, Paintsil rammed it hard into goal without hesitation. The Bruges fans, who especially begrudged Antwerp the title, cheered almost as loudly as the Genk supporters. They almost immediately had more to celebrate. Mignolet kept Paintsil very strong from the 0-2.

With that, Racing Genk had shot its best powder. Club Brugge quietly took over the match with attempts by Nusa and Meijer. A little later, a cross from the latter stuck in the small rectangle and Arteaga had to turn the shot of Zipper off the line. Genk reached the break without damage, also because Vermant sloppily typed a two-on-one.

Vanaken shakes Genk’s hopes for a moment

The second half did not bring any improvement for the Limburgers, who were playing football remarkably. They seemed a little paralyzed by the pressure. The chances remained that way for Club. After a wide-ranging attack, Buchanan narrowly missed the best opportunity.

It was not until El Khannouss came in that Genk regained some fire. The Moroccan immediately startled Mignolet with an icicle from a sharp angle. Just then came the equalizer. The inevitable Vanaken nodded in a corner and virtually pushed Genk out of the title fight. When Heynen had to stop crying, the sky looked even darker for the visitors.

It was Hrosovsky who made the sun shine again. On willpower and in two times he made it 1-2, and a few minutes later Paintsil removed the last doubt. In the very last minute, Rits’ 2-3 was rejected for offside, but none of that mattered anymore.

Racing Genk kept its chances for the title intact and can fight for the championship together with Antwerp and Union on the last day of play. That will undoubtedly be fun!

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  1. second half, minute 98 match over
  2. second half, minute 97. End! It took a lot of effort, but Genk kept his title dream alive. Thanks to a 1-3 win at Club Brugge, Antwerp and Union will fight for the championship on the final day! .
  3. Offside! Rits’ goal is cancelled, apparently someone was offside. . second half, minute 97.
  4. second half, minute 95. Still 2-3! After a nice action by the spry Homma, Rits nails the ball into the goal. It doesn’t matter much anymore. .
  5. Yellow card for KRC Genk’s Joseph Paintsil during the second half, minute 95
  6. second half, minute 94. El Khannouss is not the man who will score many goals. He aims a beckoning opportunity wide. 1-4 would also be a grossly exaggerated score. .
  7. second half, minute 93. Odoi tries. Wait for the right moment and then pull the trigger. Odoi does almost everything right, only his shot rolls wide. .
  8. second half, minute 91. A dangerous cross from Odoi falls between two Genk defenders. Still watch out for the visitors in extra time. .
  9. second half, minute 89. Replacement at Club Brugge, Cisse Sandra in, Romeo Vermant out
  10. second half, minute 89. Replacement at Club Brugge, Shion Homma in, Raphael Onyedika out
  11. second half, minute 89. Homma, a Japanese player of 1m64, can make his debut for Club. .
  12. second half, minute 88. Luck is not on Vermant’s side. He collides with a great save from Vandevoordt. .
  13. second half, minute 86. Books closed! Club Brugge leaves room, and they eagerly use that at Genk. Paintsil chooses the open water and pokes the 1-3 next to Mignolet’s pants. We are going to a final day with three title contenders! .
  14. Goal during second half, minute 86 by Joseph Paintsil of KRC Genk. 1, 3.
  15. second half, minute 84. Both coaches immediately make a substitution. Talbi comes in at Club, Trésor goes out for Preciado at Genk. .
  16. second half, minute 83. Replacement at KRC Genk, Ángelo Preciado in, Mike Trésor out
  17. second half, minute 83. Replacement at Club Brugge, Chemsdine Talbi in, Antonio Nusa out

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