This first week of the Giro will not be one of the best I can remember

This first week of the Giro will not be one of the best I can remember
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The Giro and any race contain a daily and intrinsic danger to cycling

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The cycling that I knew was rough, with cyclists on thin and fragile bicycles, unstable wheels, bony bodies and constant dangers, it could be the Vuelta or the Tour, even the Giro that was so hard to see some 35 years ago.

It was a cycling in which the leaders ran all the risks that this sport incorporatesrisks of cuts, mishaps, friction, screwed descents, adverse weather and falls, outside in the first kilometer or the last.

It is clear that times change, that cycling, like sport in general, cannot live with its back to progress and new societies, nor to their sensitivity.

All this that I am explaining arises, yes, due to the falls and the safety zone before the finish line.

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As in the subject of the “technical stop” of Vollering and the jump of Van Vleuten, in this each one sells a little what seems to him and suits him.

In the second stage of the Giro, a fall of more than three kilometers made our hair stand on end again, but… when did cycling stop being dangerous?

The leaders of the general classification have the unwritten but tangible obligation to be perfect on the greatest number of days and this means also being ahead in the flat stages.

The trains of the sprinters and those who compete in the general are mixed in each arrival of this style with no other option than to push forward and save the moment.

The security zone was set at three kilometers and now it seems that it is not enough.

We will get to the day, and I know it is exaggerating, that they will take the stage as a constant neutralization.

Be that as it may, this is not new and it is the fish that bites its tail, a recurring theme in every first week of a great tour and especially the Giro, where cycling looks like no other great one, but where dangers are at hand. order of the day.

Remember the edition of two years ago by now, when Mikel Landa left the race in a fall in Cattolica.

So I don’t remember talking about a security zone and I do remember more decent and controlled arrivals, which would take the peloton as close as possible to the people, but without compromising anyone’s safety.

Putting the security zone before or after can change things a bit, but I don’t know to what extent.

It was said that smaller squads were going to reduce the danger and we see the same slaps as always

In the end, I return to what Flecha said, a guy who loved adversity when he was a cyclist and who now defends it as part of this sport.

If we continue plotting for the interest of each one, if we ask for what is best for us alone, We run the risk that the race will split in twoin the noble zone, oblivious to the dangers, since it would be exempt from entering the rag to X of goal, and the rest, who fight for the crumbs and bread of that day.

In the end we are going to make cycling look less and less like cycling.

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