the summary of the multiplex of the 37th day


Thank you to all of you

Thank you for being with us. Enjoy the rest of the evening.


It’s over on all the lawns

Bastia 1-1 Le Havre

Annecy 1-0 Bordeaux

Sochaux 0-1 Metz

Caen 2-2 Saint-Etienne

Rodez 2-3 Pau

Dijon 1-1 Paris FC

Valenciennes 1-0 Grenoble

Laval 2-0 Nimes

Guingamp 2-0 Niort

Quevilly Rouen 1-3 Amiens


Courtet allows Valenciennes to win with a double (90 + 4)

2-0 for Guingamp against Niort, it’s over. Gaëtan Courtet, author of a double, did everything for the Bretons tonight.


Le Havre equalize!!! (89th)

Samuel Grandsir the former Trojan, came into play in the second period equalizes for Have. The Le Havre regain a 3-point lead over Metz and Bordeaux.


GOAL for Amiens 1-3 for the Picards (86th)

Papiss Cissé offers himself a double and allows Amiens to lead 3-1 at QRM and ensure their maintenance in Ligue 2 for the moment.


Caen equalize!!! (85th)

It’s crazy ! Less than two minutes after Alexandre Mendy equalized, Samuel Essende equalized for SMC. 2-2 between Caen and Saint-Etienne.


Alexandre Mendy closes the gap for Stade Malherbe (83rd)

Alexandre Mendy takes a ball from the far post with a header, giving him a lot of strength to knock it down into the opposite corner. Saint-Etienne still leads 1-2 in Caen.


Rodez closes the gap and comes back against Pau (74th)

Wilitty Younoussa completed an opportunity offered by the Palois who lost the ball in their 30 meters. The midfielder from Rodez hits and to top it off the ball is countered and takes Ndiaye on the wrong foot. Pau scares himself and only leads 2-3 in Rodez against one of his competitors for the maintenance in Ligue 2.


Amiens overthrows QRM 1-2 (74th)

Gaël Kakuta fixes the opposing defense well and shifts to his right Antoine Leautey who applies to finish with a powerful cross shot in the small net of Yohann Thuram.


Red card in Sochaux (61st)

Skelly Alvero, the Sochaux defender is guilty of a very virulent tackle and leaning on Koffi Kouao and takes the door logically. Excess commitment sanctioned by Mr. Petit. Sochaux led 1-0 by Metz will finish at 10.


Valenciennes open the scoring against Grenoble (57th)

Mohamed Kaba scores in spite of himself after a billiard shot in the box. The northern midfielder against a header from a partner and VA leads 1-0.


Paris FC equalize in Dijon (57th)

Julien Lopez equalizes after a sumptuous picket which plunges Dijon back to 18th place, in the red zone.


Bastia showers Le Havre at Furiani (53rd)

The Corsican captain Dominique Guidi puts Bastia in front and Le Havre can be happy that Bordeaux is also led, the Le Havre remain leaders.


Metz takes the lead at Sochaux (49th)

Cheikh Sabaly opens the scoring for Metz which comes back up to Bordeaux led in Annecy with 69 points.


Amiens equalize (52nd)

The 37-year-old former Papiss Cissé puts Amiens back in the game with a goal that allows Amiens to equalise.


Dijon reacts (48th)

Marley Aké the former Marseillais opens the scoring for Dijon which comes out of the red zone.


It’s the break everywhere

Bastia 0-0 Le Havre

Annecy 1-0 Bordeaux

Sochaux 0-0 Metz

Caen 0-2 Saint-Etienne

Rodez 1-3 Pau

Dijon 0-0 Paris FC

Valenciennes 0-0 Grenoble

Laval 2-0 Nimes

Guingamp 1-0 Niort

Quevilly Rouen 1-0 Amiens


Huge concern in Rodez for a Pau player (45 + 3)

Henri Saivet remains on the ground after a very big shock with his goalkeeper Massamba Ndiaye. All the players rushed towards him to put him in a safe lateral position because he was no longer responding. He grabbed his keeper’s knee before banging his head on the ground. More fear than harm, the former Bordeaux finally got up.


We play additional time on each lawn

There are only a few moments left before the break.


Pau scores a magnificent third goal and breaks away (41st)

Pau, who was 17th before the game, is now 13th after Begraoui’s double to conclude a magnificent one-two with Mayron George who surprises the defense. The player on loan from the TFC finished perfectly in front of the Rodez goalkeeper with a flat foot on the ground.


Laval takes off (36th)

Zakaria Naïdja doubles the bet for Laval, 2-0 for the Tango.


Guingamp scores first against Niort from a corner (31st)

It was Gaëtan Courtet who opened the scoring from a corner at the far post after poor anticipation from the opposing goalkeeper.


Quevilly Rouen opens the scoring against Amiens (28th)

Mafouta transforms his penalty and puts his team in front of the score, even if QRM has nothing left to play, unlike Amiens who is not yet maintained.


Pau takes the lead (26th)

Henri Saivet struggling with his defender misses the opportunity to score but the ball goes to Mayron George who allows Pau to get out of the red zone.


Saint-Etienne double the lead (23rd)

We take the same ones and we start again, Jean-Philippe Krasso the best passer in Ligue 2 again launches Ibrahima Wadji who makes his way into the area and wins his duel with the goalkeeper for a double.


Rodez equalizes against Pau (19th)

On a corner at the far post, Boissier places a vicious header which oddly deceives Massamba Ndiaye against his post.


Laval scores and gains a place in the standings (18th)

Simon Elisor opens the scoring for Laval against Nîmes and allows his team to pass in front of Dijon. The Dijonnais move to 18th place and Laval takes 17th position.


Saint-Etienne takes the lead in Caen (16th)

Jean-Philippe Krasso put it back perfectly in line with Ibrahima Wadji who stopped in front of Mandrea to adjust an unstoppable shot. 1-0 for the Greens.


PAU scores from the penalty spot (11th)

Pau FC leaves the red zone for the moment after the penalty well converted by Yanis Begraoui. The Palois lead 1-0 in Rodez and pass in front of their evening opponents.


Annecy opens the scoring against Bordeaux (9th)

Vincent Pajot alone at the entrance of the 6 meters takes over a good cross from Shamal and secures with the flat foot under the bar to open the scoring in favor of Annecy.


The challenges for the rise

Le Havre can lose its 1st place in the event of a defeat in Bastia and a victory for the Girondins in Annecy. Metz 3rd is only 3 points behind Bordeaux as well.


The challenges for maintaining

Between Laval 18th and Amiens 12th, there is only 4 points difference. For the moment Laval and Pau are relegated but everything is still possible between Laval, Pau, Dijon, Annecy, Valenciennes, Rodez and Amiens.


Let’s go (1st)

The game starts on all lawns


The 10 posters

Bastia – Le Havre


Sochaux – Metz

Caen – Saint Etienne

Rodez – Pau

Dijon – Paris FC

Valenciennes – Grenoble

Laval – Nimes

Guingamp – Niort

Quevilly Rouen – Amiens


Good evening everyone

Welcome to Le Figaro to follow the 37th and penultimate day of Ligue 2 with us. Matches kick off at 8:45 p.m.

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