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InfiernoRojo’s scores in the 1-1 draw against Lanús.

Rodrigo Rey (6): He did not have much work, but he gave the usual security. Nothing to do in the penalty, which was very well executed by Sand.

Luciano Gomez (4): He had had a sober game, but his penalty overshadowed his performance and cost the team three points.

Joaquin Laso (5): Unlike other matches, his performance was acceptable and he was quite firm. He should have been replaced in the last minutes due to a nuisance.

Cristian Baez (6): Pala was very firm in the aerial game and their performance, as in recent games, has been one of the best on the team.

Ayrton Costa (6): The full-back was solid in defense and made a lot of inroads in attack. His attitude and confidence make him always up to the task.

Nicolas Vallejo (6): Good performance from the midfielder. He was clear in his interventions and was a constant threat to his marker.

Sergio Ortiz (6): Despite the fact that he was between cottons, at the beginning of the week, he marked a presence in the midfield. From his shot, Acosta left a rebound and Cauteruccio scored his goal.

Martin Sarrafiore (6): On his return to ownership he had a good performance. He took charge of the ball, had a good display and seemed comfortable next to Ortiz.

Brian Martinez (5): Regular game of Chaco. Very collaborative in the recoil, although not so clear in attack. He was replaced thirty minutes into the second half.

Matias Gimenez (6): The striker played a good game. He fought and always demanded from the physical. He seems to be a little more serene in the last meters, but he still has to improve that facet.

Martin Cauteruccio (7): The Uruguayan won many duels, he was clear in his support and in his passes. He scored a fine goal scorer and reached 10 goals in the championship.

Mauricio Leather (5): Sober income of the Colombian. He was not in much contact with the ball and did not generate imbalance.

Balthazar Barcia (5): Despite being physically touched, he added a few minutes and had a chance that he could not capitalize on.

Edgar Elizalde (-)

Kevin Lopez (-)

Patrick Ostachuk (-)

2023-05-28 01:56:28
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