The money that is at stake for each position in LaLiga Santander

En these last days there are a lot at stake still sportingly. He fourth place still in the air seventh also and not to mention the descent, with up to seven teams involved, including a Celta that has been complicated. But, in addition to the sporting aspect, which is the most important thing, at stake is also the economic prize of finishing one place higher and lower. Teams that have done their homework will always find motivation in that regard.

The law establishes that a 25% of the distribution of television rights is based on sports resultsas contained in Royal Decree-Law 5/2015, unanimously approved by Congress.

Let’s take as a reference 1,427 million that the LaLiga Santander clubs received on television in the 21/22 season, the last one with published data in this regard. Half of that amount (713.5) is divided equally, which would come out to about 35.6 million per team. The other half, another 713.5 million, are divided into two parts of 356.7 million each..

One of these halves is for one of them based on what is called social implantation of each club, that is, the collection in subscriptions and average box office of the last five seasons and the participation of each club in the generation of resources for the commercialization of television broadcasts. The other half is due to sports results, which concerns us in this article.

How much money each team takes in each position in Laliga Santander

The distribution of those approximately 356 million for sports results is done as follows:

  • The first classified, 17%: 60.64 million
  • The second classified, 15%: 53.51 million
  • The third classified, 13%: 46.37 million
  • The fourth classified, 11%: 39.24 million
  • The fifth classified, 9%: 32.10 million
  • The sixth classified, 7%: 24.97 million
  • The seventh classified, 5%: 17.83 million
  • The eighth classified, 3.5%: 12.48 million
  • The ninth classified, 3%: 10.70 million
  • The tenth classified, 2.75%: 9.81 million
  • The eleventh classified, 2.5%: 8.91 million
  • The twelfth classified: 2.25%: 8.02 million
  • The thirteenth classified, 2%: 7.13 million
  • The fourteenth classified, 1.75%: 6.24 million
  • The fifteenth classified, 1.5%: 5.35 million
  • The sixteenth classified, 1.25%. 4.46 million
  • The seventeenth classified, 1%: 3.56 million
  • The eighteenth classified, 0.75%: 2.67 million
  • The nineteenth classified, 0.5%: 1.78 million
  • The twentieth classified, 0.25%: 0.89 million

It is not charged at once

The money earned for sports merits is collected in five seasons and as follows: 35%, 20%, 15%, 15%, 15%. To understand it, let’s take the example of Barcelona. The Barça team will collect 35% of the slightly more than 60 million that correspond to it for being first this season next season. And he will also receive 20% of what he received last season for finishing second, 15% for being third in 20-21, 15% for being second in 19-20 and 15% for being first in the 18-19.

As can be seen, the difference between one position and another is about seven million euros in the top positions, to later decrease. The fight between Real Madrid and Atlético to be second is a fight of about seven million euros.

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