The J70+J80 Galician Villalia Championship ends with victories for Barcelona and Baiona

Second day of the Gallego Villalia Championship of J70 and J80 Monotypes in the waters of the Vigo estuary, hand in hand with the J70 Class Association, with the support of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo, and the collaboration in the logistics and provisioning area with 14/

In J70, the monotype of Luis Cabiedes of the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona won, with the silver for the Marnatura, armed by Enrique Freire and skippered by Luis Bugallo, and the bronze for the Olympian from the Canary Islands Jorge Martínez Doreste of the Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria. , who competed with La Guardia & Moreira, replacing the usual skipper of this J70, that Gonzalo Araújo.

In the foreground, Okofen, winner of J80, in one of the starts. Maria Muiña

Regarding the J80, first place went to Javier de la Gándara, who was the great dominator of the class, this weekend by achieving numbers that speak for themselves: three first and two seconds. After the great skipper from Vigo who competed for the Monte Real Club de Yates, there were two Lusitanian yachts, the 4 Jotas of Joaquim Moreira and the Marías Casa Telhado of that great Porto helmsman, Manuel María Cunha, who is also a member of the Baiona Club.

The closing day in Vigo waters was complicated, where only two valid sleeves per category were completed, totaling 5 in the total count, each participant being able to discard their worst score. The first test to be held was over-requested, with an hour’s postponement, and the second Sunday one already arrived with the time limits almost exhausted, after two in the afternoon. Unstable winds, with 8 to 10 knots in the majority and from the northeast. In any case, three sleeves on Saturday and two on Sunday, this Galician Villalia Championship can be considered successful at the level of meteorological conditions.

The Portuguese female crew of Naturea and the Pazo de Cea de Canido. Maria Muiña

To highlight in the lot of the J70 the excellent finish of Jorge Pérez Canal’s Abril Rojo, which in terms of the boats from Ourense gave the lime; the arena in charge of one of the great favourites, Abril Verde by Luis Pérez Canal, who finished in an unusual position: ninth. It is also necessary to highlight the female crew of Naturea, from the Club de Vela Atlántico, who, led by Mafalda Pires de Lima, managed to get into sixth place in the final. Also in very good line Pazo de Cea de Cominges-Ojea, the veteran Willy Alonso with Seneca SW, the Portuguese Kuboo and the kids from the Sailway Academy, who completed the top ten.

In J80 with an unstoppable Gándara, his greatest rival a priori was Juan Carlos Ameneiro who with Alboroto is the current champion of Spain, but his fiasco in the fourth round, in which he went seriously wrong, resulted in a score of 17, which That left him with no options. Despite this he was fourth at the end, on the edge of the podium.

The next J70 events will be the Spanish Cup in the waters of Catalonia organized by the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona on May 19-20, and the Villalia Spanish Championship in Galicia, in the waters of A Toxa, organized by the Real Club Náutico de Vigo and the Vigo Class J70 Association, from June 16 to 18.

The head of the J70 fleet in the area of ​​A Guía. Maria Muiña


Overall Classification J70

1st News, Luis Cabiedes (1-1-5-1-4) = 7 points

2nd Marnatura, Luis Bugallo (8-2-1-4-1) = 8

3º La Guardia & Moreira, Jorge M.Doreste (2-4-3-8-2)= 11

4th Red April, Jorge Pérez-Canal (12-5-2-2-8) = 17

5th Pazo de Cea, Ramón Ojea (4-10-4-6-5)= 19

6th Nature, Mafalda Pires de Lima (3-8-9-11-3) = 23

7th Seneca SW, Willy Alonso (5-12-12-3-7) = 27

8th Kuboo, Henrique Brites (6-6-7-10-10) = 29

9th April Green, Luis Pérez-Canal (7-3-6-15-15) = 31

10º Sailway Academy, Alex Pérez-Canal (11-9-11-5-6) = 31

Overall Classification J80

1st Okofen, Javier Gándara (1-2-1-2-1) = 5 points

2nd 4 Jots, Joaquim Moreira (2-9-2-5-2) = 11

3rd Marías Casa Telhado, Manuel María Cunha (10-6-3-1-5) = 15

4th Alboroto, Juan Carlos Ameneiro (5-1-6-17-4) = 16

5th Cansino, Nano Yáñez (3-3-13-4-8) = 18

6th Maija, José Luis Pérez (7-5-8-7-7) = 26

7th Waikiki, Andres Gomez (6-7-10-11-6) = 29

8th Namaste, Luis de Mira (12-12-4-13-3) = 31

9th Pezoas, Diego Carral (4-10-9-9) = 32

10th Picacho, Miguel Viejo (11-4-5-15-13) = 33

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