the hard and encouraging data to continue in the Copa Libertadores without depending on other results

The 1-1 against Sporting Cristal left them last in their group due to goal difference. The encouraging fact: the last two games will be played at home in the Monumental stadium.

The hard fact: River they were last in group D with just four points. The encouraging data: the draw thanks to a goal by Rodrigo Aliendro at the National Stadium in Lima against Sporting Cristal allows him to continue depending on himself to achieve the passport to the next round of the Libertadores Cup. If they win both games, which they will play at home at the Monumental, they will qualify for the round of 16 without depending on anyone. But if he has another setback, it will be very difficult.

The team of Martin Demichelis will receive on Wednesday June 7th Fluminense, leader with 9 points, with whom they lost 5-1 at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro. That same day, but two hours later, The Strongest will play with Sporting Cristal at the height of La Paz, where he won his two matches so far. If both win, the Bolivians will be left with 9 points and the Millionaire with 7. On the last date, June 27, River will receive the La Paz team and they will define the pass between them.

Now, if the Argentine team matches the next match against Fluminense, it will begin to depend on the result of The Strongest, who if they win directly eliminate the Argentine team. But if they tie in La Paz, The Strongest will be left with 7 points and Sporting and River with 5. And everything will be defined on the last date. Also if the Peruvians win at the height, because they will go to 7 points, against 6 for the Bolivians and 5 for River, who must win to reach 8 and expect a defeat for Sporting against the Brazilians.

A fall against the carioca team at the Monumental, of course, will decree the elimination of River in the group stage, something that does not happen since the 2009 edition. In that edition, River, led by Néstor Gorosito, shared group 3 with Nacional from Uruguay, Universidad San Martín from Peru and Nacional from Paraguay. They won two games, tied, lost 3 and came third in the group.

If this frustrating situation materialized, it would be the eighth time that River fails to overcome the group stage. It happened for the first time in 1973, and then in 1977, 1980, 1981, 1991, 1993 (these two with Daniel Passarella as coach) and the happiness of 2009.

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