The 52nd National Youth Sports Festival Pocheon National Team Athletes Acquired Gold Medal in Athletics: Pocheon Daily News

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At the 52nd National Youth Sports Festival held in Ulsan, 8 athletes belonging to the Pocheon Office of Education (Director Jeong Young-sook) competed as representatives of Gyeonggi-do in 6 events. The contestants are track and field Kim Kang-hyeon (Daekyung Middle School), table tennis Kim Jeong-heon and Choi Kang-seok (Seondan Elementary School), weightlifting Oh Jun-ho (Pocheon Middle School), kendo Yu Jae-in (Wangbang Elementary School), taekwondo Baek Jeong-woo (Yeongbuk Elementary School), and badminton Oh Soo-min and Lee Ye-eun (Pocheon Women’s Middle School).

At the National Youth Sports Festival, Pocheon track and field athlete Kim Gang-hyeon (Daekyung Middle School 3) achieved a splendid feat of winning the gold medal in the men’s 4×100mR, and female middle school students under the age of 16 Oh Su-min and Lee Ye-eun (Pocheon Girls’ Middle School 3) won the bronze medal in the badminton team event. propagated

Principal Yeong-sook Jeong visited the Ulsan game site on the 26th and 27th to encourage the players and support the students so that they can do their best in a safe environment.

In addition, “I give encouragement and applause not only to the athletes who won medals, but also to the athletes and students representing Forcheon who demonstrated excellent skills through healthy competition. The Pocheon Office of Education will not spare continuous interest and support for the early discovery of excellent student athletes and the development of elite athletes, and will strive for the development of local sports.”

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