The 20 best men’s baseball caps of the moment, the most beautiful for the upcoming summer | GQ Italy

Let’s think about it: few, very few accessories in our wardrobe can boast an evergreen status similar to that of the baseball caps. Basically suitable for every season, from summer to winter, with some possible variations on the theme of materials and fabrics, they hang over our heads undaunted from kindergarten (indeed, from before) to retirement, adapting to the passage of time, but always remaining true to themselves. The baseball cap is truly the quintessential democratic headgear.

Especially if we think that the very first sportsmen to have worn them date back to the 1860s – baseball players, in fact – and that those same caps, vaguely revised and corrected, are still current, very current today. Yes, but how? Below we present a roundup of some of the best baseball caps of these months, among great classics, streetwear icons and little casual jewels to use to complete our look. Now, on vacation, whenever you want.

Thus, for example, we are also witnessing the great in this case comeback of the 2000s, with its related obsession with denim in all its washes, as Diesel and Miu Miu remind us. But we also find the latest proposals from Bally, which is experiencing its new era thanks to Rhuigi. And then Dsquared2 which takes us to the beaches of the Caribbean, MISBHV which takes up the theme of the sea in a more nostalgic way and still the models with retina for those who are not afraid to dare in a retro key. All different, all capable of giving the final touch to our everyday look. The only objection: why settle for just one? Objection accepted, off to shopping.

The best men’s baseball caps of the moment

2023-05-15 11:23:17
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