Tatum sends Boston to the history books and Scottie Pippen stains Michael Jordan’s career





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The NBA is a whole box of surpriseswhen it seemed that we had already seen everything, the best league in the world gave us a new fact to remember, the Celtics they are one step away from achieving something that nobody has achieved in the entire history of the league, come back from 3-0 down in a playoff series. Those from Boston have been able to overcome all the problems and They have become the worst nightmare of some Heat that they could make the biggest fool in history if they lose the Game 7 at TD Garden.

The clash started well for the proud greens who were able to defend effectively in the first quarterswhere they came to have advantages of more than 10 points. However, the ghosts of Game 1 and Game 2 began to plague the minds of those in green who began to make bad decisions on the pitches, especially in a last quarter that seemed made for the Celtics will throw overboard the work done, one of the trademarks of this team, capable of the best and the worst.

Finally, and fortunately for those of Boston, a basket in the last tenth of Derrick White’s game he sent the tie to be decided in Boston in a Game 7 that no one will want to miss.

Jordan, touched and sunk

Scottie Pippen left us another of his usual attacks on Michael Jordanthe legendary forward of the Chicago Bulls he never finished having a good relationship with Jordan after retirement, something that is evidenced by his constant poison darts that he throws at his former partner.

However, the last crack has been the hardest, and it is that Pipping He stated that “I saw Jordan play before he played for the Bulls. he was a horrible player. He played one on one, he took bad shots. Suddenly we became a team and We started winning and everyone forgot who I was.”

with your words, Pippen makes it clear that if Jordan achieved all those rings, it was not only because of his great levelbut because he had at his side a Scottie Pippen that allowed the team to play, something that MJ was not used to doing.

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