Suspension threatened! NBA star Jokic elbows Suns owner

Nuggets center Nikola Jokic was penalized with a technical foul in Game 4 of the NBA playoffs against the Phoenix Suns after a controversial altercation with Suns owner Matt Ishbia on the sidelines.

At the post-match press conference, Jokic addressed the Ishbia incident and briefly recounted his conversation with officials while referring to the Phoenix owner as a ‘fan’.

“He told me I elbowed the fan, but the fan put his hand on my shoulder first. I thought the league should protect us,” said Jokic, via KOA Colorado’s Brandon Krisztal.

When asked if he knew who “the fan” was, Jokic said he knew it was the Suns’ owner, but at the time Ishbia was nothing more than a fan.

Nikola Jokic elbows Suns owner

“His hands were on me, and yet they don’t want to protect me? They want to protect the fan?” Jokic said. “He influences the game. I thought if you influence the game you get kicked out.”

It’s possible that Jokic could face another disciplinary sanction from the league as a result of the dispute with Ishbia. However, it is unclear whether the league will issue a fine or a suspension for the 28-year-old.

Jokic set a Nuggets franchise record 53 points in Sunday’s 129-124 loss, but the main topic of the game was the incident with the Suns owner in the first half.

Jokic made it clear he wasn’t happy with the way the league was handling the situation and expressed his opinion that Ishbia should have been kicked out. Another fan was sent off as a result of the incident, although the Phoenix owner was allowed to stay at the game.

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