“Stop being a bitch”: the viral sequence that comes back in the face of Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid isn’t having his happiest career days these days. Following his title of MVP, the Cameroonian suffered many tackles for his performances in the playoffs, and has just seen a shameful video resurface in terrible timing…

Since being voted MVP of the regular season, Joel Embiid rarely places itself as the subject of positive conversations. During the playoffs, he was indeed clearly below expectations, and partly cost the defeat of the 76ers against the Celtics. With this new failure in post-season, the Cameroonian finds himself elsewhere holder of a sad record and will have to quickly bounce back.

As for the rest of his journey with Philadelphia, Embiid will pass it under the orders of Nick Nurse. After the eviction of Doc Rivers, it is indeed the former coach of Toronto who was chosen to take the lead of the team. But while many doubt the compatibility between the two mena viral sequence of the pivot star has just resurfaced and questions about their future agreement…

Joel Embiid’s shock sentence on Nick Nurse resurfaces!

“He’s an excellent coach, of course. I’ve always been a fan of what he’s done, but I said to him with all due respect, ‘Stop fucking around to get whistles. »

Joel Embiid’s exit from last year’s playoffs on Nick Nurse, now Sixers coach 👀

Even if it dates from a year ago now, this sequence does not really reassure the atmosphere in the Philly locker room. While James Harden leaves doubts about a potential departure this summer, Embiid might start getting annoyed if things don’t go his way and the leaders would thus arrive at a turning point. Of course, the last few weeks have not given fans much hope:

Embiid insulted Nick Nurse by calling him a bitch. Then he threw spades at him saying he doesn’t care about the win. The two also have a beef about Embiid-friendly whistles. Nurse also criticized Harden’s style of play in his prime and his tendency to look for fouls.

By way of the beginning of a love story, we have known better. Nick Nurse and Joel Embiid do not seem to be the best of friends for the moment, but will have no choice but to collaborate. In large professionals, we suspect that the two men will forget all the same their antecedents…

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