Started maintenance work for Sesimcheon Shelter in Bisan-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si

Renovation of old facilities to prevent safety accidents… Securing 180 million won of resident participatory budget
New installation of convenience facilities such as deck square, safety handrails, and benches

[세계타임즈=안양시 이영진 기자] Dongan-gu, Anyang-si announced on the 31st that it had started maintenance work to reinforce the safety facilities of Sesimcheon Shelter in Bisan 1-dong.

The Sesimcheon Shelter is a resting place that the elderly in the nearby area enjoy for light exercise, but there are concerns about safety accidents such as falls due to the uneven floor and many protruding rocks.

Accordingly, the district secured 180 million won in the resident participation budget this year for the maintenance of the shelter, and in March, after going through the process of collecting opinions through residents’ briefings, the construction began today. It is scheduled to be completed in July.

In the shelter, a deck floor and 20 spans of safety handrails are installed to improve the walking environment, and a pergola and 3 outdoor exercise equipments are added to provide a comfortable resting area.

In addition, it is expected to resolve many of the factors that have raised concerns about safety accidents, such as repairing the old stairs and the floor of the nearby foot volleyball and badminton courts.

Dongan-gu Mayor Lee Seong-hee said, “We will continue to collect citizens’ opinions to provide a safe and pleasant shelter to realize Anyang, a smart happy city with citizens.” I look forward to being reborn as a space where you can take the

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2023-05-31 10:23:20
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