Soccer: Bayern restart with old guard

“I’m not the new guy, I’m the new old guy at best,” said Dreesen during his presentation at the no-longer-expected championship weekend in Munich. Hoeneß and Rummenigge, who have to shape their own legacy again, could say the same thing.

The association should be pacified and calmed down. And he also has to be realigned in sport after two lost years – on more titles, on dominance, in short on “Mia san mia” again. The previous CFO Dreesen takes over Kahn’s job. He wants to be a kind of anti-Kahn, an approachable team worker. The East Frisian Dreesen spoke of more “for each other” and “togetherness” on Säbener Straße – “and there should also be a bit of joy”.


Dreesen (top row, second from right) takes over the board position from Kahn (top row, first from right)

Salihamidzic’s successor still open

A successor for Salihamidzic is the personnel gap that still has to be closed. But this should happen without time pressure. The first candidates for the post of sports director are publicly traded, such as Hoeneß’s eternal dream Max Eberl (RB Leipzig) or Markus Krösche (Eintracht Frankfurt). In the end, Hoeneß might end up choosing a prominent ex-Bayern professional again.

But now it’s all about the present. The new season and urgent transfer issues such as a new center forward or the sale of players willing to change, such as Benjamin Pavard, have to be dealt with. “We have new in the team Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. We still have Uli Hoeneß in the team. And above all, we have a Thomas Tuchel in the team,” said Dreesen, who as CEO is responsible for the entire operational business, about the approach.

Rummenigge and Tuchel in key roles

The key roles fall to Rummenigge and Tuchel. Rummenigge, who after almost two decades prematurely vacated the top position for Kahn in 2021, is returning to the record champions as a supervisory board member. His inclusion was approved as expected at Tuesday’s meeting. “Karl-Heinz has an incredibly great football expertise. We want to use it more again,” said Hainer, chairman of the supervisory board. Rummenigge is a transfer professional and well connected internationally. “I was very lucky and honored to celebrate many successes with this club, so I’m happy to comply with the request of the supervisory board,” said the 67-year-old Rummenigge.

And Rummenigge should harmonize with Tuchel, whom he would have liked to have brought to Munich as a coach when he was on the board. Tuchel, who had envisioned his first few months at Bayern quite differently after his lightning start at the end of March, wants to deliver football and victories with the “Bayern-like” seal of quality again in the coming season. “I hate to lose!” said Tuchel. He no longer wants to lose much, but to win everything. That’s why you have to “step on the gas to make the best possible decisions,” as he said. “In the summer we’ll really push the thing again,” announced Tuchel during the championship celebration.


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