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This killing spree left everyone speechless. Now an NBA star assures support.

In the Serbian capital of Belgrade, a youth (13) opened fire at an elementary school on Wednesday morning. According to the Interior Ministry, there are nine dead.

The bloody deed also left its mark on NBA superstar Luka Dončić (24 / Dallas Mavericks). Now he wants to help the bereaved – and shows his emotional side.

After rampage in Belgrade: NBA star Dončić helps the bereaved

Dončić wrote on Twitter: “I am heartbroken by the tragic school shooting in Serbia and the loss of life, including innocent children. I support and stand by you all at this difficult time.”

The Slovenia international wants to pay for the funeral expenses of the eight children and the security guard who died. This was explained by a spokesman for his charity foundation on the US sports broadcaster “ESPN”.

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In addition, Dončić announced that he would assume the costs for the bereavement support for affected classmates and teachers. On Twitter, he adds the hashtag “#StandWithBelgrade”.

Doncic: “I am determined and will continue to provide updates and support opportunities as details emerge.”

It’s clear: The NBA star has close family ties to the region around the Serbian capital. Much of his family is from there. According to ESPN, a grandmother, an aunt, an uncle and a cousin currently live there. Father Sascha is also from Serbia.

The Slovenian isn’t the only player offering his help. Serbian superstar Nikola Jokic (28) also pledged support. The two-time NBA MVP: “I can’t remember anything like this ever happening in Serbia,” adding, “We have to take care of everyone.”

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