Sehnde Devils student team play second game of the season


Last Sunday, the Sehnde Devils student baseball team, which takes part in the official game operations of the Lower Saxony Baseball Association in a syndicate with the friendly Hänigsen Farmers, played for the first time in Sehnde for a league game. Opponent was the big favorite of the Braunschweig 89ers.

While the Sehnde Devils founded their student team last year, the team from Braunschweig, which is currently the leader in the men’s division in the 2nd Bundesliga, has been doing excellent youth work for many years. So it was no surprise that both games ended very clearly with a victory for the strong guests.

But what counts are the small successes that the children were able to achieve that day. Successes and hits when hitting against the opponent’s strong pitcher, good moves in defense against extremely powerful players from Braunschweig and gaining completely new experiences in the game against an opponent.

What counted most at the end was the fun and joy the kids had in baseball in front of many spectators consisting of parents and other adults and children interested in baseball.

If you would like to try baseball yourself, you can come to the athletics stadium on Chausseestraße in Sehnde every Tuesday at 5 p.m. for children’s training or at 6:30 p.m. for adult training.

2023-05-17 07:53:10
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