Scattered considerations after Lazio-Cremonese (3-2)

Lazio wins the last championship at home by the wire and greets an icon like Radu in a splendid setting.

– The head is an essential element in sport. Today’s match clearly demonstrates that using it in the right way can make you play an excellent game, as did Cremonese, and not using it can lead to a party evening being soiled by a mocking result, as Lazio was about to do. The determination of the Lombards leads them to a draw at the start of the second half, when they were two goals down, playing a football that doesn’t deserve Serie B. Lazio, for its part, played an enchanting first half except falling asleep for a good half hour in the second half and doing the bare minimum to bring home the three points which, today, mean second place;

– As we said, there was no game in the first half when the speed of the ball and thought brought the Biancocelesti several times in front of Sarr. Despite being well placed on the pitch, Ballardini’s team was almost powerless in the face of the desire to party in front of his Lazio crowd. All calm for Sarri’s eleven who already expected to celebrate Radu’s farewell to football and the Champions League reached last Sunday. Here is the biggest mistake, which is a great Lazio classic;

So much so that Sarri sees his team completely out of the game as the eleven in gray and red see it. In fact, within about ten minutes the Cremonese squeezes Lazio in their half and first shortens the distances and, thanks to a colossal inattention by Lazzari, then equalizes in the freezing weather of the Olimpico. The slap is strong and he is accused. Slowly, however, Lazio picks up the pace and starts appearing in front of Sarr more and more often until Milinkovic, from a corner kick – yes ladies and gentlemen from a corner kick, scores the third goal and can allow Radu to play the last minutes of his career in collective jubilation;

Radu’s farewell to football marks the end of an era. Landed, quietly, in a cold January, he seemed to be destined to be a meteor or any supporting actor. With his personality, his performances, his impact on his teammates, he has earned the gallons of leader of the locker room over the years. First for all-time attendance, a man who welcomed newcomers and compacted the team in the toughest and stormiest moments. Last of that eleven that conquered, ten years ago, the historic Italian Cup in the final with Asroma. The cycle has ended and a few tears fall looking at that past that you didn’t think was so past;

La Cremonese demonstrates, however, how football is often mocking. Already with Alvini on the bench his football would have deserved more points for ideas and quality expressed. With Ballardini he caressed the final of the Italian Cup by eliminating Roma and Napoli, champions of Italy. A real pity that all this did not bring the useful points, at least to fight until the last day.

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