Scandal in Brazil over bets on soccer matches | Seven players were prosecuted for being part of arrangement mafias

Scandal in Brazil over bets on soccer matches |  Seven players were prosecuted for being part of arrangement mafias

The Justice of the Brazilian state of Goiás prosecuted 16 people, including seven soccer players from big teams such as Fluminense, Santos and Cruzeiro, for being part of gambling mafias that earn money through betting sites, which at the same time became the main sponsors of the activity.

The Goiás justice accepted the prosecution’s complaint and prosecuted 16 people. Of those involved, the best known of them is Eduardo Bauermann, a 27-year-old defender from Santos, who was separated from the squad by the club’s board of directors “due to the new revelations released by Operation Maximum Penalty 2.”

A statement from the prosecutor’s office reported that in addition to Bauermann were prosecuted and brought to trial Victor Ramos, of Chapecoense; Gabriel Tota, of Ypiranga; Igor Carus, Recife Sport; Paul Miranda, of Nautical; Matheus Gomes, of the Sergipe; and Fernando Neto, of Sao Bernardo.

The investigation also affected two other First Division teams: although there were no prosecutions, Fluminense removed central marker Vitor Mendes from his squad on suspicion of manipulation. Cruzeiro did the same with Richard, a player who was caught chatting with a bettor who asked him to commit fouls or receive a yellow card to win the bet on online sites.

the news network Globo reported that the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Economy of the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva are studying measures to regulate the activity of online betting. Soccer players like Marquinhos or Marcelo or former players like Ronaldo and Rivaldo are the main faces of betting site advertising.

The other defendants are accused of organizing an illegal association to pressure soccer players to commit penalties or receive cards at certain times of the match to win the bets.

Operation Maximum Penalty was launched by the Goiás state prosecutor’s office last year based on an investigation into betting on a match for the Vila Nova club, in that central Brazilian state. On that occasion, midfielder Romario, from Vila Nova, accepted $30,000 to commit a penalty against Sport for the Brazilian Serie B championship.

They gave him an advance but since the coach made him a substitute that day, Romario got desperate and looked for other teammates to commit a penalty on purpose. According to the statement from the Goiás prosecutor’s office sent to Télam, 12 games are under investigation, including two of the 2022 Brasileirao played by the tournament champion, Palmeiras, the one that played against Juventude and another with Cuiabá.

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