Sampdoria, Ferrero confirms the sale to Radrizzani. “I thought from the heart”

The exhausting negotiation for the sale of Sampdoria ends today evening. The confirmation, live on the Telenord broadcaster, comes from Massimo Ferrero. “I’m no longer the owner, I reasoned from the heart. I didn’t take anything at all. I did it for the people because this story had to end. Mistakes? Not from me, I haven’t touched the ball for 18 months. Just look for scapegoats !”. The message to the new management. “Andrea Radrizzani is a decent person: I knew him and I wish him good luck. One day you will regret Ferrero, time will prove me right. The brand? First they made me pay 20 million, I gave it as a gift”.

Sampdoria, the official press release Gestio Capital and Aser Holding

Arm wrestling

A game played on two fronts: in Genoa with the second day of the shareholders’ meeting and in Milan with the tug of war between the Radrizzani-Manfredi tandem and the Ferrero emissaries in the presence of the trustee Vidal. Around 20:30, the board of directors, chaired by Marco Lanna, received the go-ahead to proceed with the issue of a bond loan of up to 40 million euros. There are numerous deadlines to honor: from the Irpef installment, in order not to lose the benefit of the installments, to the salaries of the players for the first quarter of 2023 (penalty of 2 to 4 points at stake if not the transfer will not be made by 11:59 pm) without forget the employees and creditors with whom the founders of Gestio Capital and Aser Holding communicated on Saturday that they had reached an agreement. Outside Corte Lambruschini, the club’s headquarters, over 800 fans breathed a sigh of relief.

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