Rodrigo, UP student triumphs in archery

Rodrigo Gonzalez de Albasecond semester student of Civil Engineering and Administration in the Pan American University Aguascalientes campuswon a gold medal First National Selective Tournament for archery Tlaxcala 2023 During the week of May 18 to 21, with this achievement he got his pass to the Youth World Cup to represent Mexico in Limerick, Ireland in July.

“For me, winning meant a great joy and having obtained my pass to the World Cup”express.

Likewise, Rodrigo has been preparing for a year when he set the goal and began his training to finally get to perfect each important point.

A sporting legacy for generations

The event that stood out with his participation in the national preselection, had not happened since 2017 when his brother Rodolfo “Fito” Gonzalez got it for the World Cup in Rosario.

In addition to his talent in archery, Rodrigo carries a passion for charrería in his veins, thanks to his maternal grandfather, the Dr. Juan José de Alba Martínone of the main promoters of this sport in the state of Aguascalientes and builder of the second canvas of the state, in Vista Alegre, which has more than 50 years.

Within the plans that Rodrigo has in the sports world, he begins to prepare for the National Universiadefrom which he hopes to obtain excellent results in order to attend the world universiade.

“Right now I don’t have any competition nearby, but anyway I continue training for what follows and my goal is for it to become a family sport that continues from generation to generation as we have been doing”he expresses proudly.

A legacy in Engineering

One of the things he likes the most about his career is the union that his group has formed, because for him friendships and teamwork are the most important things in his life.

It should be noted that the area in which he would like to specialize is as a Structuralist, since he is the one in charge of economically designing buildings, bridges, warehouses, storage tanks and other structures with sufficient resistance to prevent their collapse when loaded and protect them from extreme natural phenomena such as wind, snow, fire and earthquakes.

In addition, at an academic level, in the near future he would like to participate in the National Olympics for Civil Engineering Students (Olympian)one of the great events of the National Association of Civil Engineering Students, AC (ANEIC) which has been held annually since 1985. The OlimpiANEIC seeks to bring together civil engineering students where coexistence, human development and healthy competition are encouraged through academic, cultural, sports and social work activities.

Likewise, the legacy that the Universidad Panamericana has left in him has been to be able to achieve his objectives.

“I highly recommend the degree, it is possible to play sports and study”invite.

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