River lost for the third time in a row against Talleres


El Más Grande traveled to Córdoba to face Talleres for the Professional League, after a game with many arrivals, Demichelis’ men lost 2-1 and returned to Buenos Aires with a striking record.

© Getty ImagesPablo Solari entered well against Talleres.

Once the game against Atlético Tucumán ended as a visitor on April 28, River knew very well that it was facing one of the most difficult series of games of the semester. Micho decided to take care of almost all the starters at José Fierro because later Fluminense would come in line for the Copa Libertadores, Boca and Talleres for the Professional League.

The Millionaire fell was in Brazil against Flu, he beat Boca very well and against Talleres he played a strange game: he had many arrivals and was able to win it but Gandolfi’s men were more effective and won a 2-1 win. River’s fall in Córdoba brought his immediate pursuers closer, San Lorenzo was five points behind and Talleres came within seven.

A striking fact is that Talleres obtained its third consecutive victory against River since in the 2022 League Cup he won 1-0 with a goal from Diego Valoyes when the Cordovan cast was directed by the Portuguese Pedro Caixinha. For the 2022 Professional League, the T was imposed again by 1 to 0, this time the author of the goal was Ulises Ortegoza in the last minute of the game. The third victory in a row of the T over River had Rodrigo Garro as the protagonist since he was the author of the two goals.

When was the last time that River fell three times in a row against the same rival?

El Más Grande had not lost three games in a row against the same rival for more than ten years. The last time it had been Vélez who had achieved it between 2011 and 2012. It should be noted that at that time the Liniers team, together with Newell’s and Estudiantes, were the main animators of Argentine soccer and that it was a great team.

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