Renaat Schotte comes to the aid of Senne Leysen during a doping test with a glass of Chimay: “Plaice!” | Remarkable

“I got there”, laughed Senne Leysen after he had made our reporter wait almost 2 hours at the doping control. “Finally: this was heavier than the course.”

“I dehydrated myself quite a bit today. I drank a lot, but I sweated a lot and I really couldn’t pee in that small and warm room.”

Leysen rode in the attack all day and was only caught in the final phase. “In itself I did not believe in the stage victory, but I had expressed my ambitions yesterday.”

“It would be difficult with the headwind and at 30 kilometers from the finish I already felt that my companions could no longer or no longer had motivation. I tried, but it was a losing battle.”

2023-05-24 18:01:27
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