Relegation to First RFEF | What future awaits Málaga CF if it falls to non-professional football?

He future of Málaga CF has been filled with doubts after putting foot and a half in amateur football. Where will you compete? How is the Primera RFEF governed? Because if there are multiple doubts that Kike Pérez and José María Muñoz have to face now at the head of the sports field and the accounts, there are many problems that surround the competition in which those from Martiricos could play starting next summer.

The most important thing is that it is a distribution that was born in the 2021/2022 season to ‘fix’ the problems with which the previous Second B coexisted. However, it not only seems that it has not solved anything, but that its validity with the current format hangs by a thread. These were the words of Luis Rubiales himself a few months ago: “It was said from the outset that the First Federation was an experimental category. If it works, fine, and if it doesn’t, in two, three or four years, we’ll go back to the old model.”

The first change with respect to the Second Division is the institution that will protect the blue and white team next season. Málaga CF will go through to belong to the Professional Soccer League who drives Javier Tebas to the Royal Spanish Football Federationwith Luis Rubiales at the helm of all these categories. With less financial support and less professionalization of a multitude of issues to which the club had ‘accommodated’ until now.

At the moment, they are 40 teams that make up the First RFEF divided into two groups of 20. By what criteria are they distributed? Geographical. However, the dividing line of the country usually changes depending on the teams that exist in different cities and it is the clubs themselves that vote for the groups in an assembly. We will have to wait for the final preparation, but what is certain is that there will be a local derby. Antequera won their Second RFEF group a few weeks ago and secured promotion several days in advance.

In the third estate of Spanish football there are 4 teams that go up to the Second Division and 10 that go down to the Second RFEF. The descents are simple: the last five of each group lose their place in the category, 25% of those who compete in total. As for promotions, the champion of each group is automatically guaranteed to return to professional football. To complete the other two places, a play off is made from second to fifth place and the two winners complete those places.

Problems in First RFEF

What will the First RFEF 2023/2024 be like? At first, everything indicates that it will follow the same model as this season. However, there are a number of problems facing the RFEF and the clubs. The most important is the economic model. Rubiales wants to establish a financial controlsince this new grouping of categories had many more expenses than income, thus generating a multitude of debts in the clubs and causing a great division between the entities themselves, both economically and at the level of agreements.

Another problem is the television. How will the blue and white fans view Málaga CF? The RFEF has put out to tender the audiovisual rights for the next three seasons for a value of 7 million euros to be distributed among 40 teams… And the matches will take place on Fridays from 7:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. hours.

Restructuring of Málaga CF

So it is more than evident that Málaga CF will have to undertake a deep restructuring to adapt now to a non-professional category with other income and expenses. What is clear is that the current model is not sustainable in the third step. Therefore, apart from the fact that there will be a great cleaning in the templatemany workers would be forced to leave their jobs.

The future is not particularly encouraging, but it must be the way to return to professional football as soon as possible. It’s not going to be easy. Now it’s time to think and plan the next season in the ‘mud’ perfectly from now on.

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