Playoff Finals, Game 2: Orzinuovi flies up 2-0. Libertas Livorno, Sebastiani Rieti and Fabriano equalized the series

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(serie 1-1)

The Libertas Leghorn draws the series at the end of a match always conducted in the score, with the exception of the 29-30 at the end of the first half. As in game 1, the landlords got off to a great start and scored 27 points in the initial ten minutes and thus found themselves thirteen points ahead but once again, in the second period, They were in force comeback and briefly puts his head forward, however making the remaining part of a match very balanced which the Tuscans close thanks to two baskets from Thomas Fantoni and to the triple of 78-66, two minutes from the end, by Andrea Saccaggi (16 with 4/8 from the field). To underline the stupendous performance, among the amaranths, of Francis Fratto who scores a double-double of 23 points and 12 rebounds. For Elachem, in this match decidedly less precise in shooting from long distance but which nonetheless ends up with a decent 33%, 15 points scored by Jacopo Mercante and 11, topped off with 10 rebounds, by George Broglia. Friday at PalaBasletta at 21 a very important third challenge.

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(serie 2-0)

Orzinew beats once again Teacher, remains the only undefeated team in these playoffs and is now only one victory away from reaching the national concentration of Ferrara which will give two places for the A2 series. To decide a very balanced match and, as can be easily seen from the score, controlled by the defenses, a partial of 9-1 in the last three minutes in favor of the Orcean formation signed by the 5 points of Mattia Da Campo and from 4/4 from the lunette of Emanuel Trapani to definitively close each speech. To underline, always for the landlords, the 13 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists by Ennio Leonzio. Speaking instead of Gemini obviously weighed, especially offensively, the absence of a Alberto Conti feverish partially mitigated by the return to the field, albeit certainly not in the best conditions, of Matias Bortolin but the star performer of an evening in any case crooked shooting, especially from long distance, where they finished with 23% and no less than twenty errors was certainly Andrea Mazzucchelli who scored 14 points. Friday at 20 at Taliercio first match point for Orzinuovi and a match absolutely to win for Mestre to keep hoping.

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(serie 1-1)

Unlike Game 1, the rebound fight in this second act is won by Rieti and this is one of the keys to a match that is once again balanced and very intense and that this time the laziali win it despite shooting with a bad 2/19 from three. At 66-59 with three minutes to go, it now seemed made for the troop coached by coach Sandro Dell’Agnello but the Romagnoli, with a triple of Marco Petruccicame back in close contact and practically had the opportunity to extend the match to extra time, but the conclusion from a great distance from the corner Giacomo Siberna he didn’t even hit the iron for the explosion of joy of a packed and very hot PalaSojourner. Decisive for the success of the hosts the performance of 23 points and 13 rebounds, with 10/12 from two, by Giordano Pagani while, for a never tame Faience without Andrea Pastore and who pays the low percentage of shooting from the field (33%), very well John Poggi who finishes with 19 points, with 6/11 from the field, 7 rebounds and 3 assists. On Friday at 6 pm the Blacks will be able to embrace their audience again in a PalaCattani which promises to be very full also thanks to the splendid initiative of the Romagna company which will let everyone in for free by setting up stands to raise funds for the flood victims.

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(serie 1-1)

Every time we are amazed even if in reality perhaps there would be no more to do it but certainly Fabriano he wrote another page of a beautiful story, settling the score in the series and conquering the PalaLuiss with full merit. As happened in game 1, great balance on the pitch, broken at least in appearance by a four-point game in favor of the capitolini who, three minutes from the end, take themselves to 69-65 with the inertia all on their side but Ristopro he doesn’t give up and from there on he scores a partial 4-12 opened by Simone Centanni, continued by Francesco Papa and closed from 2/2 by the lunette of Gianmarco Gulini which ratifies the success of the card makers. Not very precise this time Louis in the decisive moment of the match and to underline the 15 points, with 7 assists, of Mark Pasqualin. Extraordinary instead, in the ranks of Fabriano, the numbers of the two undisputed leaders of the team, i.e. both the aforementioned Simone Centanni e Pope Francis who close the first with 29 points, with 4/6 from two and 6/10 from three and the second with a double-double of 25 points and 12 rebounds with 9/17 from the field. Friday at 21 at the PalaChemiba in Cerreto d’Esi the third act of a challenge still without a master.

Photo credits: Filippo Del Monte (Libertas Livorno)

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