Player x Player of Workshops vs. River Plate for the Professional Soccer League 2023


The scores of the River Plate players after the match against Talleres de Córdoba, corresponding to the sixteenth round of the 2023 Professional League.

© The Millionaire Page / Diego Haliasz.River lost to Talleres in Córdoba.

Frank Armani (8): If it weren’t for him, River would have conceded several more goals. Author of a couple of covers hand in hand and without responsibility in the many of Talleres.

Milton Casco (4): He sent the center of Suárez’s goal but he had a very bad time throughout the game. He suffered from Sosa from beginning to end and could not control it.

Leandro González Pírez (5): He prevailed in several duels but was also badly stopped on more than one occasion. He could not with Sosa in the play of the first goal of the local.

Paulo Diaz (3.5): Flimsy, poorly positioned and with wrong displacements. He was quite inaccurate with the ball at his feet.

Enzo Diaz (4): He failed to prevail in the mark, seeing himself repeatedly surpassed. At the same time, he failed to gravitate to the projections of him.

Ignacio Fernandez (4): A performance to forget the benchmark. Good display but extremely erratic, making mistakes in the paths and executions.

Enzo Perez (4): Without Aliendro he was once again unprotected and that shortcoming was transferred to the last line. Lazy in containment and also in distribution.

Nicholas De La Cruz (7): River’s best outfield player. Delivery, deployment, verticality and criteria. He hurt with the change of pace from him.

Esequiel Boat (6): Vertical and daring as always, although alternating good and bad resolutions. He was the victim of several infractions.

Lucas Beltran (6): Sacrificed, willful and moving throughout the attack front. He was not fine in the culminations.

Solomon Rondon (3): Absolutely static from start to finish. He did not press, he did not force, he did not generate and he did not carry danger at any time.

They entered:

Pablo Solari (6): A lot of daring during his time on the court. He diagrammed a great play that almost ended in a goal.

Matías Suárez (6.5): He wasted a very clear chance but then discounted with a good header.

Miguel Borja (-): Few minutes on the playing field.

Jose Paradela (-): Little while staying on the green lawn.

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