Peralada’s dream ends at Narcís Sala (1-0)

Peralada has been eliminated in the first round of the promotion play-off to the Second Federation. Miquel Àngel Muñoz’s team lost again by the minimum against Sant Andreu (1-0) with a goal in the last minutes of the game. The Peraladenc dream ends at Narcís Sala, but the great season, with the return to promotion, will last for a long time.

The team from Alt-Empordana needed two goals to qualify for the second round of the Second Federation promotion. Keeping the goal to zero was key to having options to pass and Aroca had to intervene with a save on Josu just to start the game (5′). The danger and clear arrivals have been for the locals in the first bars. Screw has once again put fear in the body with a cross shot from inside the area that went wide (14′). The Peralada arrived little and without intimidation. Solans tried it with a soft header without problems for Jaime (16′).

Xavi Molist’s team scored again before the half-hour mark in a convoluted move inside the area. Baró deflected a cross from Screwol almost over the goal line which ended up crashing into the crossbar. Fassani could not make good use of the refusal to advance the Andreuencans. After this scare, the Champagners have not suffered from another clear arrival and have stepped forward to begin testing Jaime. The Figueres international deflected a cross from Varese for a corner (25′). The green-and-white improvement was about to bear fruit with a shot from Solans that Casti blocked in time. The last option of the first half was a double chance for the visitors, with two shots blocked by Méndez and Nierga by the defense.

Peralada needed a goal to force extra time and came out of the locker room ready to get it. Only at the start of the second half, Nierga scored the first goal. The striker was about to surprise Jaime with a long shot that sneaked into the goal square. Excellent hand from the goalkeeper to avoid the target. Jaime has been key in avoiding the champagne target. Gelmà, on two occasions, was left with honey on his lips with a shot from the front and a very dangerous cross (56′). Jaime has been skilled in both cases to send the arrivals to the corner. Sant Andreu also showed themselves with a shot by Screwol that ended up in the corner when Aroca was already sold (50′). The Ozona goalkeeper has been key in keeping his team alive while leaving more spaces at the back looking for the goal. Aroca showed reflexes to remove his arm from a cross shot by Josu that was going straight for goal (65′).

Ten minutes from the end, Miquel Àngel Muñoz made the last attempt to go on the attack by changing the formation of three central players. Joan Tomàs entered the field in place of Romero to add quality to three quarters of the field. And as the captain walked down the side of the pitch, he saw the ball fall in his area of ​​influence at the feet of a freed Albertito. The number eight of Sant Andreu did not forgive with a shot from outside the area that collapsed the options of Miquel Àngel Muñoz (82′). Peralada’s dream ended in this action, putting an end to an excellent season in the Empordà despite being eliminated.

2023-05-07 18:01:09
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